My marathon effort is not just about my health and personal growth. I’m also participating in this marathon as a fundraiser, and I need your donations. About 500 of us are running, with the goal of raising one million dollars for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. This organization provides a wide array of services, including care, education and prevention to communities across the SF bay area. About 1/50 San Franciscans are living with AIDS or HIV infections, and nearly everyone here is personally affected. AIDS is an epidemic, at home and abroad, and your contributions help to extend and improve the quality of life of those affected, as well as provide the education necessary to slow or stop the spread of this disease.

If you would like to contribute financially to my effort, you can visit my donations page at the Aids Marathon homepage. If you are unable to donate financially, please support me in any way you can – write a comment, share your support and encouragement, or even forward this page to a friend.

I know that there are a million causes out there we all wish we could serve, and I’d like a way to show my thanks to those who support me in this effort. As I am also a knitter and addicted to socks, I’ve come up with a few other ways to raise funds, primarily for my knitting friends. First, $2 from every pattern sale at Suzi’s Knits up to $200 will be donated by me to this cause. Second, I have 2 pattern packages in the works, and 100% of proceeds from the sale of these patterns will be donated to the SF AIDS foundation.

Package one: Cables and Texture Matching Mini Socks.


The following 5 patterns are mini socks designed to match my full-sized sale patterns.

Hartshorn Cable Socks

Diamonds Are Forever Knee Socks

Images of back: Both socks Mini sock
Foggy Dawn Socks

Southwest Diamonds Socks

Spiral Staircase Socks

Package 2: Lace Mini Socks

This mini sock set matches the following patterns:

Spring Garden Lace Socks,

Japanese Feather Lace Socks,

Acorn Rib Socks,

Swirling Rivers Socks.

Flame Chevron Socks.

Package 3: Commemorative San Francisco Marathon Socks

Not yet available, this will be full pattern instructions for the socks I plan to create to wear in the race. 2-3 inch lace cuff with Golden Gate Bridge motif and possibly an image of a runner, smooth stockinette foot. Anticipated by end of April.

If you are a knitter and would like to make a smaller donation and still receive a gift, for every $5 donated I will give you your choice of any 1 mini sock pattern.