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Presenting another new pattern from Suzi’s Knits!  I’d been waiting all winter for a sunny day, and got several socks that were completed this fall and winter, while I was in a finishing mood.  These socks were not one of the long neglected UFO’s, but a new project that crept in despite a vow to finish before starting!  I had a lot of fun with them, and got to use a great representational design with the right color yarn this time.  Suzi’s knits fans will note that the side panel is actually the same stitch as Muscari.  That pattern was originally named Falling Leaves, because the stitch just looks like a leaf to me.  But in purple yarn…  well, Knitty renamed it to a more floral theme.  This time, in nice gray-green yarn, it shines out in the leafy glory it was meant for 😛

The lace on these is a bit tricky.  The vine sways from side to side with increases and decreases in the purl background.  The leaves also increase and decrease the stitch count, which helps them to really POP out of the knitting.  This makes knitting a bit more complicated for some, but should be manageable for an intermediate knitter, mostly because the pattern is visually simple and easy to read.  The stitch count in the whole sock stays relatively consistent as the two motifs are lined up so that when one is narrow, the other is wide and so forth.  The socks were worked toe up because I wanted the fine growing upwards, but would work cuff down too.  I gave instructions for pretty much all the needle types.  However, since I move stitches around at the heel, its probably not a great pattern for 2 at a time on circs.

After a long absence, largely catching up with projects that have long been unfinished, I have finally FINISHED several, and should have a series of new patterns to present over the next few weeks.  The first pattern I have to share with you is one of my favorites, and was sadly a Knitty reject.  They get so many awesome socks, I don’t envy them choosing between them.

These socks have briefly shown up on one of my lace lists as evidence that you CAN mix lace and colorful yarns, provided you pick the right lace!  Madeira Cascade consists of 3 very distinct sections – solid, biasing triangles, separated by a background of mesh lace pyramids, all of which is set apart by purl welts.  Each texture handles the colors of yarn very differently, so each stands out from the rest clearly and distinctly.  This lace pattern can handle almost any yarn (although I’ve yet to try it with stripes, the strong bias should make it lovely!), from light to dark, from wild to subtle, and still show off to good effect.  Anyhow, without further ado, I present to you my Maderia cascade Socks!

ClocktowerAfter way too many weeks sitting photographed and unwritten through my ren faire sewing binge, I have finally put together the pattern for my latest socks, Clocktower.  You can read lots of details of the construction in previous blogs.  These were made with the newest Skacel yarn, Zauberball. I must say its my favorite of all the 1 plies I’ve tried for socks.  it is tightly enough spun to never feel loose and fragile, even when kitchenering (which is where I tend to untwist 1-ply yarns)  it also has one of my favorite color flows – long long gradual color fades!  I highly recommend this yarn.  however, know that I used a separate strand of yarn for those heels and it is due to sheer dumb luck that the colors lined up right on both.  if you want socks with a smooth flow of color down the heel AND over the instep, I highly recommend getting 2 balls to make sure.  This design of course would be perfect in any solid colored yarn of similar yardage.  For more photos and details click on the image!

After a long break from blogging and a bit of a break from knitting (I got caught up in ren faire costuming efforts, got a new sewing machine, and have spent a few months playing with fabric someone else made for a change) I am happy to share with you another new pattern, Fiesta socks:

These socks were made with some rather fun classic trekking (i.e. mouldering in stash and bought from a store that didn’t rotate sock stash much) which has patches of wide stripes, and patches where it acts more variegated.  I like the colors – gray and pink really do well together, and i can STAND bright pinks in this context.  however, the colors are so wild, so random, so sometimes-stripes-sometimes-chaotic that the yarn wouldn’t do with most patterns.  And you *KNOW* how I abhor plain stockinette or ribs…  So I got out Barbara Walker and hunted out a fun chevron pattern that could handle anything.  I like this one (German herringbone rib) more than most for socks – its ribbed, which means unlike most chevron patterns it actually has some stretch.  The ribbed aspect also made it easy to add stitches to the leg, so that when the sock goes from half stockinette to all chevroned, it doesn’t get so narrow in the leg that it won’t fit over your heel.  I also love the combo of knits and purls to really set off the different parts of the yarn.  This is really one of the best stitch patterns out there for wild yarns!  For more details click on the image.  Enjoy!

Announcing another new pattern, Awareness sport socks. Inspired by a Suzi’s Knits customer who tempted my pride by suggesting building a better knit ribbon motif would be easier than charting out a lace golden gate, I put together these sport socks:

awarenessbothYou can check out more images and ordering details on my website by clicking on the socks.

Also, just a quick update on my Clocktower socks…  I award 5 points to Ravenclaw…  for SHEER DUMB LUCK!  😛  By utter random chance, I had *JUST* enough yarn left in my ball I’d set aside for both heels to make a second heel, and I had knit exactly 1 heel’s worth further along in the color sequence beyond where I started my first sock by the end of my toe.  So basically, the exact spot where I randomly left off in this tiny ball of yarn I’d set aside for heels was the exact color I was at in my main yarn when it got to be heel time.  Yes, both socks will have a flawless flow of color over both heel and instep, and its all just complete and total good luck.  I really could not have planned this, and I literally could not have made the heels match up without this dumb luck – the color sequence is just too long to match up on 2 socks without getting lucky twice. You can bet these socks will be done soon…

Up next for patterns, Clocktower is racing to a conlcusion, and I also have a lace sock lounging around wating to be blocked and photoed.  And cross your fingers for me, as I have a self striping sock sitting in the cue as a Knitty hopeful…

So far I am really loving the zauberballl yarn.  I finally got to the point when the color magic started really showing….  right around time for the heel of course.  So I got to wind up my whole ball to get at the center so I could make the heel with another strand.  Turns out the color I needed was very close to the end of the ball so I decided to line up all the colors nicely.  I’m very happy with how the pattern is turning out.  Because of the strong lines I went with a flap heel and simply could not resist making the pattern flow over the heel:


This sock is making me happy so it is flying off the needles.  Hopefully I’ll be able to work out the colors this nicely for the second sock!  I’ll know better when I get to the end of the first and see how much spare yarn I have…

Well, true to my predicted lack of self-control I have cast on Zauberball socks.  I actually almost cast on 2 pairs, but the pattern I was trying for my sister in the crazy yarn got drowned out solidly by the colors. The ragg yarn plus that much color made it just too busy – you could see the pattern AND the color and it just was too much! Val, your butterfly socks are awaiting me finishing something and then will likely be done in some fun and less loud yellow-orange yarn.  It seems to fit the whole butterfly thing.  The psycho rainbow Zauberball Crazy is currently on the to-do list for aquarium socks.  🙂  Ultra- simple lace fish shapes with lots of plain stockinette to swim thru!

I am very much enjoying the regular zauberball I have.  although it didn’t feel super-soft in the ball (similar to trekking and opal and the like) it feels MUCH softer in my hands.  I’m starting to see why people put up with 1 ply yarns – they feel nice!  The growing socks also feel very soft on My feet when I’ve tried them on.  Like all 1 ply yarns, you have to be a bit careful not to split this yarn, but its tighter spun than the CP Mini Mochi, and a LOT stronger feeling.  its also thinner and more consistent than any 1-ply yarn I’ve played with so far.  I want more.  As soon as it hits the stores there will be some green and red Zauberball in my stash…  😉  As the colors are smooth and subtle, I decided to play with cables, and have worked out the following socks:

Zauberball Socks

The pattern on the left is largely a mock cable design, so as not to put too much tension on the yarn (and make it fit easier!) and the one on the right is more traditional 2X1 cables.  I’m using size 0’s (2mm) and getting somewhere in the neighborhood of 11 SPI with all the stitchwork, which seems right to me for a 1 ply yarn.  I really think you want to go tighter than usual gauge with this if you want it to last, but we’ll see how it wears when its further along.  At least its a pleasure to knit with!

It has been a long time…  I took on a teaching gig that was supposed to be part time then I agreed to teach another class or so…  suddenly I have no spare time!  happily teaching and knitting are not incompatible, so I’ve gotten some things moved along, jsut had no time to write about them!    So with no further ado, here are the latest patterns I got together for Suzi’s Knits:


I also have 2 more finished socks to photo and write up, so stay tuned…

I’ve been cranking away on my Mini Mochi socks, which sadly I will not photograph for you all as I’m holding them for possible Knitty submission.  They came out great, and the colors and the pattern are working really great together.  You’ll all see in June (or sooner if I’m not accepted – competition can be fierce!)  Anyhow, since this is a rather unique yarn I thought I’d give a few more working comments.

First, Dont’ buy this yarn is you’re a devotee of truly identical socks and cannot bear for socks to not match.  From my experience and from what I’ve read from others, in nearly every ball somewhere near the midpoint, the color sequence just reverses…  but it doesn’t always reverse in the same place!  My first ball had its turn around just after the heel – it went yellow blue red blue yellow. My second ball had ISSUES…  the 105 colorway has yellow surrounding all purples.  Well this ball had 2 turnaround points, near the ends, and they all went yellow-purple-yellow-purple-yellow.  Too much of all the same color for me!  So I had to be a bit creative…

And to top it all off, my 2nd ball had a KNOT, grrr, and naturally the knot wasn’t retied at the same colors.  When your color sequence is about 100 yards long its kinda hard…  I briefly talked to my contact at Crystal Palace who sent me the yarn to sample, and was gently encouraged to try to work it out.  I think had I been more insistent, since the knot was tied with a major color break, they would have replaced it, and are sending comments to the factory that knots need to be tied off at the same color.  Well, with all the purple-yellow sections, and the color gap, I had a bear of a time trying to get a sock that looked right.  I ended up with 5 separate strands in that sock (4 in the foot, one for the afterthought heel) one of which I didn’t have an exact color match – I had a red-blue blend I needed to match up to a purple near the toe.  So I got out my drop spindle, unspun a good half a yard of each end, laid them on top of each other, drafted them out a bit, and respun them together.  Worked well enough for me, and allowed me to make a sock that wasn’t all purple and yellow from heel to toe.   But…  PITA.  If I ever get a knot in this yarn again, and its not tied with both ends the same color, I will throw a fit and insist they take it back.  It was a LOT of work to get a sock that looked right with no sudden color changes.


Well, I mentioned a bit back, JUST before my beloved mini mochi yarn (YUMMY!) arrived, that I had finished my cathedral socks.  Well, I got a little lazy as the weather was being consistently Californish (70-80 degrees and sunny in January, OH YEAH, i know why I live here).  And this weekend was supposed to be photos and such…  and the clouds are back and its been raining off an on most of the week 😦  So the Cathedral socks will have to wait a while to get photoed.  Since I’m a bit busy with my new teaching gig and have some private practice work, it may be a while before I get those out.

The weather also has another affect…  I was ALMOST getting myself motivated out of the winter exercise excuse binge – I decided I needed a bit of a break, and really haven’t consistently run or done anything much physical since the Big Sur half.  Well, sunshine or no, its time to get moving. 😛  I’ll be lecturing on pharmacology for depression Tuesday and of course going on at length about alternatives…  and we all know exercise has somewhat similar effects to prozac and the SSRI’s – gets those endorphins and that serotonin moving.  And has a lot nicer side effects…  Since I’m gonna preach it, time to get back into practice.  It will probably be my old winter stand by, dance dance revolution, and running will come back in as the weather improves.  Peter has a vague goal to join me for a marathon late in the year so…  will see!  He promises to get up and running after some business travel in early Feb.  I will keep you guys updated!

SF AIDS Marathon 2008

On August 3, myself and about 500 other runners will complete the San Francisco marathon in an effort to raise $1,000,000 for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. This is the culmination of nearly 2 years of lifestyle changes and weight loss for me, and a chance for me to use my new-found energy and fitness to give back to my community. I hope you will join me in this effort by reading and offering your support through my blog. If you are able, I also welcome your contribution to the cause! Thanks and keep on running!

Progress Bar:

Marathon time: 5:40:22
Total Raised: $2,815.70

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