Suzi Welcome to Suzi’s Knits new blog. For those of you who have not met me before, I am an avid sock knitter and child psychologist. My blog is associated with my knitting webstore where I sell knitting patterns I have designed and a few odds and ends. You can also find my old blog there, with a few free patterns and loads of knitting advice. I will gradually be updating that site to mainly have resources and articles, and use this blog for talking about the goings on in my life.

My blog is going to be somewhat different this year, as I’ve made a change and significant commitment. In addition to regaling you with my tales of yarn and recalcitrant sock patterns, This blog will also track my progress as I train to participate in the San Francisco Aids Marathon. I’ve never done anything like this before! It should be loads of fun. Check out my first blog post for details about my goals and motivation.