Presenting another new pattern from Suzi’s Knits!  I’d been waiting all winter for a sunny day, and got several socks that were completed this fall and winter, while I was in a finishing mood.  These socks were not one of the long neglected UFO’s, but a new project that crept in despite a vow to finish before starting!  I had a lot of fun with them, and got to use a great representational design with the right color yarn this time.  Suzi’s knits fans will note that the side panel is actually the same stitch as Muscari.  That pattern was originally named Falling Leaves, because the stitch just looks like a leaf to me.  But in purple yarn…  well, Knitty renamed it to a more floral theme.  This time, in nice gray-green yarn, it shines out in the leafy glory it was meant for 😛

The lace on these is a bit tricky.  The vine sways from side to side with increases and decreases in the purl background.  The leaves also increase and decrease the stitch count, which helps them to really POP out of the knitting.  This makes knitting a bit more complicated for some, but should be manageable for an intermediate knitter, mostly because the pattern is visually simple and easy to read.  The stitch count in the whole sock stays relatively consistent as the two motifs are lined up so that when one is narrow, the other is wide and so forth.  The socks were worked toe up because I wanted the fine growing upwards, but would work cuff down too.  I gave instructions for pretty much all the needle types.  However, since I move stitches around at the heel, its probably not a great pattern for 2 at a time on circs.