After a long break from blogging and a bit of a break from knitting (I got caught up in ren faire costuming efforts, got a new sewing machine, and have spent a few months playing with fabric someone else made for a change) I am happy to share with you another new pattern, Fiesta socks:

These socks were made with some rather fun classic trekking (i.e. mouldering in stash and bought from a store that didn’t rotate sock stash much) which has patches of wide stripes, and patches where it acts more variegated.  I like the colors – gray and pink really do well together, and i can STAND bright pinks in this context.  however, the colors are so wild, so random, so sometimes-stripes-sometimes-chaotic that the yarn wouldn’t do with most patterns.  And you *KNOW* how I abhor plain stockinette or ribs…  So I got out Barbara Walker and hunted out a fun chevron pattern that could handle anything.  I like this one (German herringbone rib) more than most for socks – its ribbed, which means unlike most chevron patterns it actually has some stretch.  The ribbed aspect also made it easy to add stitches to the leg, so that when the sock goes from half stockinette to all chevroned, it doesn’t get so narrow in the leg that it won’t fit over your heel.  I also love the combo of knits and purls to really set off the different parts of the yarn.  This is really one of the best stitch patterns out there for wild yarns!  For more details click on the image.  Enjoy!