Well, true to my predicted lack of self-control I have cast on Zauberball socks.  I actually almost cast on 2 pairs, but the pattern I was trying for my sister in the crazy yarn got drowned out solidly by the colors. The ragg yarn plus that much color made it just too busy – you could see the pattern AND the color and it just was too much! Val, your butterfly socks are awaiting me finishing something and then will likely be done in some fun and less loud yellow-orange yarn.  It seems to fit the whole butterfly thing.  The psycho rainbow Zauberball Crazy is currently on the to-do list for aquarium socks.  🙂  Ultra- simple lace fish shapes with lots of plain stockinette to swim thru!

I am very much enjoying the regular zauberball I have.  although it didn’t feel super-soft in the ball (similar to trekking and opal and the like) it feels MUCH softer in my hands.  I’m starting to see why people put up with 1 ply yarns – they feel nice!  The growing socks also feel very soft on My feet when I’ve tried them on.  Like all 1 ply yarns, you have to be a bit careful not to split this yarn, but its tighter spun than the CP Mini Mochi, and a LOT stronger feeling.  its also thinner and more consistent than any 1-ply yarn I’ve played with so far.  I want more.  As soon as it hits the stores there will be some green and red Zauberball in my stash…  😉  As the colors are smooth and subtle, I decided to play with cables, and have worked out the following socks:

Zauberball Socks

The pattern on the left is largely a mock cable design, so as not to put too much tension on the yarn (and make it fit easier!) and the one on the right is more traditional 2X1 cables.  I’m using size 0’s (2mm) and getting somewhere in the neighborhood of 11 SPI with all the stitchwork, which seems right to me for a 1 ply yarn.  I really think you want to go tighter than usual gauge with this if you want it to last, but we’ll see how it wears when its further along.  At least its a pleasure to knit with!