It has sadly been a long time since I blogged…  See I gave this year’s blog another exercise theme, after taking the winter off…..  yeah.  So I have been avoiding blogging because I’ve also been avoiding working out.  I’m back up and going, mostly DDR these days.  I think I managed to burn out on running.  My other summer plan is a season pass to raging waters, complete with lazy river and wave pool to swim in, all cheaper for the whole summer than a month’s gym membership around here.  Why have I gotten abck on the horse? well…  see I took on this young adult client who is workign on all sorts of self control issues, one of which is healthy lifestyle.  Nothing like preaching to guilt you into practicing…  😉

On other news, the kitten, while turning into a cat next month (11 months old) is still a kitten.  She still likes to wrestle bunnies and trip humans going down the stairs (let me show you the bruises…)  The bunnies have still not killed her, but Clipsy is starting to figure the kitten out, and I’m sure we’ll see her in charge any week now.  She’s currently teaching the kitten that bunnies love to be groomed by sticking her little bunny fact under the cat’s chin.  Poor cat doesn’t know in bunny language, that this is a dominance thing.  The bunny with the head on the bottom wins.  The cat, not knowing this, loses every time.  I suspect we will see Clipsy in full charge of the furry household before the summer is over.

And on the knitting front, this is finishing-up-old-projects year.  I’m basically trying to finish an old project for every new one I start, AND actually finish the new ones too.  I have about5 pairs of socks finished and, due to an increase at work and just wanting to veg and knit on weekends, have not yet written them up.  So expect some new socks coming up soon!  2 are old UFO’s, 3 are new.  And I’ve got 3 more UFO’s past the heel on the second sock and almost there!