I’ve been cranking away on my Mini Mochi socks, which sadly I will not photograph for you all as I’m holding them for possible Knitty submission.  They came out great, and the colors and the pattern are working really great together.  You’ll all see in June (or sooner if I’m not accepted – competition can be fierce!)  Anyhow, since this is a rather unique yarn I thought I’d give a few more working comments.

First, Dont’ buy this yarn is you’re a devotee of truly identical socks and cannot bear for socks to not match.  From my experience and from what I’ve read from others, in nearly every ball somewhere near the midpoint, the color sequence just reverses…  but it doesn’t always reverse in the same place!  My first ball had its turn around just after the heel – it went yellow blue red blue yellow. My second ball had ISSUES…  the 105 colorway has yellow surrounding all purples.  Well this ball had 2 turnaround points, near the ends, and they all went yellow-purple-yellow-purple-yellow.  Too much of all the same color for me!  So I had to be a bit creative…

And to top it all off, my 2nd ball had a KNOT, grrr, and naturally the knot wasn’t retied at the same colors.  When your color sequence is about 100 yards long its kinda hard…  I briefly talked to my contact at Crystal Palace who sent me the yarn to sample, and was gently encouraged to try to work it out.  I think had I been more insistent, since the knot was tied with a major color break, they would have replaced it, and are sending comments to the factory that knots need to be tied off at the same color.  Well, with all the purple-yellow sections, and the color gap, I had a bear of a time trying to get a sock that looked right.  I ended up with 5 separate strands in that sock (4 in the foot, one for the afterthought heel) one of which I didn’t have an exact color match – I had a red-blue blend I needed to match up to a purple near the toe.  So I got out my drop spindle, unspun a good half a yard of each end, laid them on top of each other, drafted them out a bit, and respun them together.  Worked well enough for me, and allowed me to make a sock that wasn’t all purple and yellow from heel to toe.   But…  PITA.  If I ever get a knot in this yarn again, and its not tied with both ends the same color, I will throw a fit and insist they take it back.  It was a LOT of work to get a sock that looked right with no sudden color changes.