Well, I mentioned a bit back, JUST before my beloved mini mochi yarn (YUMMY!) arrived, that I had finished my cathedral socks.  Well, I got a little lazy as the weather was being consistently Californish (70-80 degrees and sunny in January, OH YEAH, i know why I live here).  And this weekend was supposed to be photos and such…  and the clouds are back and its been raining off an on most of the week 😦  So the Cathedral socks will have to wait a while to get photoed.  Since I’m a bit busy with my new teaching gig and have some private practice work, it may be a while before I get those out.

The weather also has another affect…  I was ALMOST getting myself motivated out of the winter exercise excuse binge – I decided I needed a bit of a break, and really haven’t consistently run or done anything much physical since the Big Sur half.  Well, sunshine or no, its time to get moving. 😛  I’ll be lecturing on pharmacology for depression Tuesday and of course going on at length about alternatives…  and we all know exercise has somewhat similar effects to prozac and the SSRI’s – gets those endorphins and that serotonin moving.  And has a lot nicer side effects…  Since I’m gonna preach it, time to get back into practice.  It will probably be my old winter stand by, dance dance revolution, and running will come back in as the weather improves.  Peter has a vague goal to join me for a marathon late in the year so…  will see!  He promises to get up and running after some business travel in early Feb.  I will keep you guys updated!