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Today was a bit of an adventure for everyone. First, I invented a new cat teaser since the cat likes variety and I have a craft room. Yay for foot long narrow leather triangles (like an inch or less at base) hot glued on the tip of a stick. Lucia literally ran til she was breathless, and 5 mins later was STILL panting. She’s been acting bored with the first lot of toys, mostly 1 boa teaser and several similar kinds of balls. This was to keep her entertained, because I promised the bunnies a DAY OFF FROM CATS. Why you ask? Oh its bunny torture day… they didn’t know that part of the deal…

After a first attempt at clipping black bunny claws (you try seeing a pale red line thru a dark black claw on a kicking bunny foot…) I have swore off the activity for life, even on the relatively docile Dash. So for official bunny torture day, we were off to Pet Food Express for claw clipping, in order to avoid any actual maiming of bunnies. Turns out they don’t have a grooming salon, what they have is Kat, an employee who clips claws in the bathroom for $10. After resolving that confusion, we were good to go. Dash as usual hopped out first, and I got to learn the EASY way to clip claws. He, of course, was no trouble. Apparently you snuggle the bunny to your chest, their back to you, kind of in a standing up pose, holding firmly to the chest just below the upper paws, and FIRMLY to the lower paws, supporting them and holding them still. The buns actually didn’t struggle with this hold at all, and Kat just clipped away. Dashy was so easy she even gave me a 2 for 1 deal on the buns. Clipsy was the big surprise – she LET ME PICK HER UP and actually didn’t twitch a muscle once I got her held. Kat also got to meet her first black clawed critter (she insisted that claws aren’t black, I laughed…), and used the snip-off-bit-by-bit approach to clipping without hitting the quick. I also think she spotted it visually but still went for the little at a time clipping. Apparently Clipsy keeps her own claws short digging so damned much. So in less time than I spend clipping 1 of Clipsy’s paws, we were all clipped with no muss and fuss. We hopped back into our carrier (Dash avoided this, he likes exploring, Clipsy hates newness so went right in), we said hi to the cat adoption folks (Dashy came out for pets) then went SHOPPING.

Yes, I’m in a pet store, I HAVE to shop for toys.

Our main goal was to get the kitten more variety since she was acting bored with all her toys yesterday, AND to cure her of that nice little habit of clawing the stairs. We got a spray bottle of some no-$cratch $tuff that I really hope works… a laser pointer (highly cat approved) a squeeky mouse on a string (again, high cat approval rating but $urely not worth the pri¢e… too cute to resist tho) and our new favorite self-stimulating toy, carpet-block-with-ball-on-a-spring! She bats it, she claws the block, she loved it for about an hour straight:

We also totally raided the cheap holiday toy bins for 25¢ sisal mice with feathers (YAY!) and leather mice (total reject, oh well) and much to my surprise, a resounding approval for rattly felt balls (all other noisy balls have been ignored) I guess rattles are better than jingles?


SF AIDS Marathon 2008

On August 3, myself and about 500 other runners will complete the San Francisco marathon in an effort to raise $1,000,000 for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. This is the culmination of nearly 2 years of lifestyle changes and weight loss for me, and a chance for me to use my new-found energy and fitness to give back to my community. I hope you will join me in this effort by reading and offering your support through my blog. If you are able, I also welcome your contribution to the cause! Thanks and keep on running!

Progress Bar:

Marathon time: 5:40:22
Total Raised: $2,815.70

My Sponsors

I'd like to thank the following organizations and individuals for their support of the SF AIDS Foundation!

Dianne Whitfield of the Bunny Hay Loft

Ulf Anvin
Rob Millner
Scott Lamb
Jeff Barlow
Erika Duplantis
Nick and Carol Esser
Kathryn Mercer
Nicole Pauls
Kathryn Coll
Timothy Berger
Susan Druding
Jenny Forman
Kathryn Mulgrew
Jamie Piperberg
Lucia Sanchez
Fran Taillon
Douglas Leeder
Barbara Kirsch
Ellen Atkinson
Valerie Esser
Peter McCourt
Carla Schroder
Sandra Spicher
Matthew Wilson
Valorie Zimmerman
Kathryn Kramer
Roxanne Seabright
Gayathri Swaminathan
Jason Spiro
Dianne Schoenberg

Thank you so very much for your support!

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