Lucia has been settling well into our home. At last update she was making friends with bunnies (this has progressed nicely, despite her wanting to play with them as if they were also kittens… water spray bottle helps end that) and has even been witnessed gently grooming their faces with big wet sloppy meat breath kisses (the buns LIKE this?!?!?). So on xmas eve, I FINALLY got enough tidying and cat-proofing done to let her out in the house. And we have since discovered something… The silly thing LOVES to watch TV. We had friends over for Xmas dinner, Rob and Erika, and somehow it devolved into u-tube. She hopped up on the TV stand to get a closer look at Two Hot girls in The Shower, was practically drooling at some images of parakeets (Erika and Rob are going tog et some so we you-tubed them too) and last night started transfixed at the Muppets. All that color and movement! She really sat with eyes fixed rigidly on the screen, and was barely distracted by her favorite toy, feather-boa-onastick!

Lucia&boaNew tasks for the Anvin household have been to populate our house with cat toys so she claws at them, not the furniture. I made one scratch post in “her” space by cable tying a woven grass welcome ma around a post. She loves it and even climbs it like a tree… I also got a cute little cat shelf thingy, which got a few cursory sniffs and then a thorough ignoring. So I decided to find a cheap way to make it more interesting. I ran off to Michael’s for supplies (mostly a $2 feather boa and some loose colorful feathers) and blinged up the cat tree. She LOVES it. She’s been rolling around it for pretty much most of the time I’ve been typing. I also made a smaller dangle out of some leather cut into strips and hot glued around some loose feathers (you can see it under her shelf at the left, or here) Both have been highly successful – she was witnessed to somersault over the edge of the lower shelf, rolling to attach the leather-and-feather dangle.

BTW the darned things are easy to make. What you will need is a half a dozen or so feathers about 4+ inches long, a thin strip of leather for the cord, and a small piece of leather about 2X4 for the fringe, and a hot glue gun. Hot glue is just plastic, its pretty darned safe once it cools. Cut your 2X4 leather scrap into fringe by cutting 3.5 inch slits along the length of the piece, leaving an uncut end. Put a dab of hot glue at the center of this on the rough/inside of the leather, and glue the leather cord down. Then at the right side (or left) start gluing down the feathers, one by one on top of each other, with a little stripe of glue for each feather. Put a nice glob of hot glue on top of the feathers and start rolling them into the leather fringe. The glue should spread as you roll, but if you need more to glue all the leather around the feathers, add it. Let it cool, and then nail it to the underside of your ignored cat scratch post (or if it has no shelf, nail it into the side!) I also highly recommend just plain boas. You can unravel proof the ends with a bit of fabric or leather hot glued and wrapped around right where you want to cut, and then when the glue cools, slice thru that wrapped part. From one $2 6 inch boa you can get 3 2-inch cat teasers… Yes, you can use the leather/fabric and hot glue trick to attach them to the end of a stick too!