Today on a whim (to spite the etherbunners that told me my 6 month old kitten will maim my buns) we started working on rabbit-cat introductions. This isn’t too hard it turns out – Lucia is VERY social for a cat, and both species are incurably curious. We have 3 personalities. Lucia is acting the perfect kitten – scared of the bigger buns yet smelling something yummy, she’s torn between run away and attack and curiosity. Mostly she’s just nervous and curious tho. Dash, the more submissive of the pair, is taking the upper hand in diplomacy. He LOVES being allowed to hop into the bathroom, usually an off-limits room, and is, as usual, unafraid of anything. He’ll hop right up to the kitten and sniff her, even if she’s cringing and hissing. Lucia sometimes freaks out, and VERY appropriately, taps him with a closed claw paw while hissing. He backs off, and seconds later hops right up again. Clipsy, being the bos of this entire house, simply cannot let Dash outdo her – if HE is going to hop into the bathroom and see this horrid smelling predator type, she must too. Her first forrays into the bathroom were tentative and paranoid. She’d spot the kitten, it would twitch so much as a whisker, and she’d run off and THUMP. This scared the kitten and everyone would hide. Over time with Dash coming in and out with no problems, Clipsy has warmed up and doesn’t thump but has yet to approach the kitten. Mostly by now the buns are cautiously ignoring Lucia, and she’s still deathly curious and afraid of them at the same time. I started letting her into bun space and out of the bathroom, but not fully independent – she got too into exploring and I was afraid she’d end up in their cage. She mostly retreats to her room though after short forays out to sniff bunnies. At one point, Dash had flopped contentedly outside her door, so I gently nudged her out to meet him, and got them (with some huge amount of moving the cat) to lie side by side while I petted them both. As of this writing, everyone has declared a stalemate and retreated to their own quarters. Clipsy is contentedly washing her face and hanging out in bunspace, Dash is stuffing his face with hay, and the kitten has settled in for a nap on her bed. I think the first encounters are going well and give Dash 4 paws up in Diplomacy!