So Lucia moved to the bedroom last night – her litter habits are impeccable and we thought she had earned some more space and could use a room with some natural light. Meanwhile we still have some cleanup and catproofing to do in the rest of the house. There were a few adventures that were blog-worthy…

Lucia’s first task was to explore every nook and cranny of the room… but then I notes, she looked UP on the bed, but didn’t hop there. Now I KNOW she can jump that high, so I was puzzled, tapped the bed, and up she jumped, purring and nuzzling. Without much thought I moved the stuffed animals off the bed – bear to a new corner since her bed is in his usual spot, and tiger to the floor by the closet. She took off to explore more, or so I thought… Til I engaged her in a round of my new favorite game, “Love my scratching post” (this game is played by rolling favorite toys down the very sloped post for her to grab with her claws, enticing her to scratch it) and she looked behind me midgame, puffed up her tail and ran under the bed to hide. I followed her gaze and saw… GiantStuffedTiger! He was STARING right at her, and, being a stuffed tiger, WASN’T BLINKING! I foolishly tried to pull her out from under the bed to show her he was just stuffed and smells nothing like a tiger, but she turned into a vicious ball of terrified claws and ran back under the bed whimpering. Half an hour later, with no movement from the cat, I gave in and removed her first nemesis, GiantStuffedTiger from the room. (He’s just outside, facing the doorway just in case she makes a break for the door… :-P)

So our cat slowly returns to normal, cuddles a bit, then goes back to exploring, when she meets her SECOND nemesis, a worthy opponent and in every way her equal, MirrorCat… Yup, our bedroom closet has mirrored doors and there is another cat in them! He hisses when she hisses, he rolls over and plays submissive just when she does, he lunges for attack when she does… Its hilarious, she hides safely in the spot between the 2 sets of doors, and peers around, hissing. Or she’ll bend low and begin to roll up a submissive belly, only to see her reflection do the same thing so turn to hiss and attack mid roll… To date she’s still deeply afraid of him, and will hide behind her scratching post, or sleep in her sheltered bed. She’ll play if she forgets he’s watching her, and them stop cold when she catches a glance of the mirror… She’s totally at an impasse with MirrorCat and cannot convince me to take him away like I did GiantStuffedTiger! Poor Lucia… its hard to be a kitten in a weird people world!