Heritage sock yarn topHere are (bad quality preliminary) photos of my new top, made with yarn bought at Green Planet Yarn with their oh-so-tempting birthday sale. The yarn is Cascade Heritage sock yarn, knit up at 8 SPI (I’m sorry folks its a sweater gauge not a sock gauge, it has drape and flows nicely…). I decided to go simple, as I wanted to again make a very fitted top, and plain smooth stockinette really shows off shaping well. I can’t do anything TOTALLY plain of course so I also stuck in a framed cable from Barbara walker, slightly adjusted to the background is knits, not purls outside the cable frame.

The top presented a few minor challenges. Since the SPI was so small, I couldn’t just use the Budd sweater book (she only goes to 7 SPI), so I had a lot of fun learning the math to do a properly fitted sleeve cap. I also noted that her directions and the ones I could find online for calculating caps were rather square, so I tried to round thigns out a bit more, with pretty decent success. I think I’ll make a few changes in shaping next time I do a sleeve cap, in particular I decreased a tad too rapidly under the arms, and could have used a more gradual slant for more fabric in the upper chest – the top looks a little stretched if I move my arms too much, a common problem with highly tailored pieces for me. But the rest of the cap, the mathematically involved part, came out just perfect. As soon as the sun is out I’ll be taking real photos… look for this pattern up right around the time the new Knitty goes live!