Announcing Suzi’s Knits latest pattern, Dragonlace!  Its been a long time since I put something new up, largely due to working on things like another knitty pattern (coming in the winter edition, i give you 3 guesses what kind of garment it is, first 2 don’t count :-P) and of course the inevitable starting too many first socks.  These socks actually got finished over a month ago, during ren faire.  And of course with faire taking up all my weekends I had NO time to write up the pattern so I forgot all about them and put them on the shelf with the projects on tap.  Today I dug them up again in a fit of cleaning and HAD TO GET THEM PHOTOED! I’m very much in love with these socks…

First thing that makes these ones special is the yarn.  Deb over at Fearless Fibers does some awesome dying.  Her base superwash yarn is just perfect for my tastes – soft and fluffy, with lots of yardage so I can use that crazy tight gauge I oh so love.  And her colors are just PERFECT for designing to – she just dabs a bit of this and that into a pot, and lets the yarn pick colors up.  So everything comes out muted, tonal, with no huge spots and best of all, very little possibility of pooling.  Since the colors all meld in the pot, you end up with colorful yarn that’s subtle enough to handle a lot of fancy stitchwork.  I highly recommend her, the yarn is an inspiration.

Second part I love of these socks is, given a great yarn, I can pick out all those lovely texture patterns that would just get lost in other color.  Dragonskin is one of my favorites, but I’ve always had a problem with how the lines of increases break up the pattern in these vertical stripes.  I tried to figure out how to play with those stripes so they’d add to the design rather than break it up, and came up with a tiny little 3 stitch insert instead of the 2 stitch rib Barbara Walker has used.  The result I call Dragonlace, and it just fell in love with this yarn.  I swear these socks almost seem iridescent with the way the colors flow over the scales.

I hope you like them as much as I do!