Its been, oh, over a month since I’ve blogged, and its time for a catchup post or 3. I guess with the marathon over the original impetus to get back into blogging slacked off. So here we go with a few updates.

My after marathon plans included staying in shape and completing 2 half marathons this year. The first I planned on doing just for fun, second and upcoming I had hoped to work up to running the whole thing, walking only when needed to grab water at a stop. As previously mentioned, Peter and I were training together for the San Jose Rock and Roll half marathon. We fell down a little bit on our running plan for a few reasons. First, it is ren faire time, and that meant weekends were largely committed there. Ren faire may not be as rigorous as running but it really does wear us down being out there, in dust and heat, for 8 hour days. So we had to move our long runs to weekday nights as Peter is deathly allergic to mornings (and working for an east coast company so the earlier he gets online the better). This also seems to have meant we didn’t get into good habits of shorter runs throughout the week, and I totally wimped out on cross training. So all we were doing were those 1X per week long runs and whatever walking and such happened out at faire. Peter’s knee was having quit a bit of trouble by our last runs, so the 10 miles got cut to 9, and the 12 cut to about 10.5. I remember having knee problems at that stage too and think he’ll be fine in the future, especially if we do the whole training package 😛

The official race day was Oct 5. We skipped a whole faire weekend in honor of the event, which turned out to be a wise choice since it rained all day Saturday and would have been a miserable day at faire anyhow (apparently 3000 people still paid to get in to fair tho, so its all good). Race day dawned cool and sunny and perfect for running. We hit the free participant parking and walked over to the race and got ourselves in the crowded corrals. Over 12,000 people were running! I only ran into one person I knew running with us – the SF coach from the AIDS marathon program was wandering back at our speed, looking forward to a lazy workout with “free” entertainment. As we started out we noticed that we were keeping up nicely with the 2:30 pacer with the friendly bright purple sign, and decided to see if we could keep up. The route was nice and flat and wide, but still pretty crowded, so we made a habit of getting to the slightly clearer space just in front of the pacer on run intervals and of course dropping back during walk breaks. The route went through mostly residential neighborhoods, and there were all sorts of people out to watch, including lots of adorable kids with playschool drum sets providing live music between the real band stations, folks from small convenience stores handing out free water, etc. Real community kind of race! Around mile 4 or so, we got to watch the pros race past us in their final mile dash to the finish and cheer them on, which was pretty exciting. Somewhere around half way thru, I started to feel a bit sluggish (I was foolishly experimenting with ditching Gu in favor of all the sugar in the cytomax and it just didn’t work…) and the pacer picked up the pace, so we let them go in favor of the 2 of us sticking together. Then we turned around and headed back towards downtown, ran thru my office hood and literally right past my windows, and then into the final miles. Peter definitely outdid me most of the way – I was keeping up with him, not the other way around. Although he insists if there’s been another .1 miles his knee woulda knocked him down, and he only kept up the pace because walking hurt more than running by the end! As the finish line came into sight, we both tried to put on extra speed (Peter succeeded, I was again going into lack of Gu slump but unwilling to cough one down for so little race left). Peter would have beat me by several seconds, but decided to slow and cross with me. RNRSJ finally posted split times, so here’s the race data:

Mark point Time Pace
5 km 37:01 11:55
10 km 1:13:43 11:52
10 miles 1:58:04 11:48
Finish 2:33:33 11:43

As you can see, we were not only pretty damned consistent, we were actually consistently accelerating for the entire length of the course. Pretty impressive if you ask me 😛 Anyhow it was a good time, we were both totally dead for the rest of the day after, and Peter is trying to convince me his knee isn’t up for full marathons. 😛 I don’t believe him, I think we just need to train better and slower. It was a pretty unforgiving ramp-up in 2 months, and he did an awesome job!

So the next goal is the Big Sur Half Marathon, coming up Nov 9th. I have 3 more weekend to work towards that, as this last weekend went to the conclusion of faire. The most I’ve run with few to no breaks so far is 7 miles. I’ll be thinking thru a plan and posting it here shortly. Knowing me, I’ll probably end up actually going slower for cutting out the rest breaks, but I’d like to get thru it at a run just to have done it. 😛 who says girls can’t have macho pride? 😉