I’ve also been seriously neglecting knitting talk. The main reason is that recently I’ve been just getting caught up on second socks. I also have another super-secret knitting project out there awaiting evaluation, a handspun yarn project, and another new handspun sock I decided not to say much about as I’m also hoping it will be knitty-worthy. With all this running, work on my practice, ren faire, and also getting ready for teaching grad school courses in January (syllabi are due this week!) I’ve not had a lot of time to write up patterns and am massively behind. So here’s the quick and dirty:

New projects:

Currently one sock through, my newest cast on is a sock called “Cathedral Cables” in the new Heritage sock yarn from Cascade Yarns. its a bit of a change for me, as I was in the mood for a little something different. I decided that, with a heavily cabled design on a reverse stockinette background, that I didn’t want the ugly lines where purls transition to knits on the bottom of the sock. So I kept the whole sock, heel, underfoot and toe, in reverse stockinette. This had some really nice advantages for the short row heel I prefer. Instead of having a K3tog and an SSSP at each edge of the increasing rows, it works out best with a P3tog and SSSK! Horray for no SSSP’s! Of course, karma’s a B—- and those SSP’s all come back in at the toe. Oh well… I’m currently working on the second sock and hoping to get it in the queue for pattern write up soon.

Pattern writeup queue:

Yup, I’ve got a few things finished and ready to photo and write up and just sitting around. Hey, help me pick, drop me a comment and tell me which sounds most interesting!

1) Another pair of sports socks, with a cable knit runner on the sides

2) Dragon lace socks, with Fearless Fiber’s yarn “Speak Softly”

Second sock queue:

And of course the longer line is still second socks, with me valiantly trying NOT to start new pairs until old ones are finished. I have a loose rule that I should finish 2 pairs before starting a new one until I’m closer to caught up, and I absolutely MUST finish one pair before starting a new . This is mostly because I’m running out of needles… 😉

1) Unphotoed handspun self striping socks. The yarn is the showcase here, not the pattern, which is just a basic rib and cable sock. As these are knitty hopefuls I can’t say more, and I have a comfortable margin to finish them by the spring submission deadline, December 1.

2) Walking on Sunshine, a nice tight gauge sock with tofutsies yarn and scads of cables. It also has the world’s most obnoxious heel, a combined short row with gusset. 😛 It probably would do best as a standard flap heel and I plan to write the pattern up both as-shown, and with a standard heel. I just don’t like the feel of flaps, but the cables on this took up enough of the stretch that I needed a gusset too. 1 sock done, 2nd is 2.5 inches long

3) Madiera Cascade socks, a lace that loves color. It also loves blocking, these things make points like a jester’s hat if you don’t wet block them before wearing. Oh well… again, 1 sock done, 2.5 inches into the second.

4) Lilac Blooms socks, a lace sock in Panda silk, that was also once a knitty hopeful. I’ve had a lot of trouble photographing the first sock in a way that shows up the pattern as well as it does show up in real life, and therefore the project slid into the UFO category for a while. You’ll notice a trend here, as it is also… 1 sock done, about 3 inches into the second. Yeah, you can all tell my attention span by now, can’tcha? The lace patterns are all fern variations, which look like lilac flowers more than ferns to me.

5) Jester Cables socks, in socks that rock. Lost interest in these because socks that rock lightweight is a hot thick sport weight yarn (yes, others deny it but fer cryin’ out loud, the stuff is 257 meters to 100 grams… it just seems thinner/longer cuz they sell heavy skeins), and when the weather turned warm I just didn’t have the urge to finish such a thick sock. Hopefully now that fall is here I’ll get going again on sock #2. You guessed it, 1 sock done, 2.5 inches into the second sock…

6) As yet unnamed faire isle socks. Started these cuz there was a singleton ball of yarn I loved at the Rug Hut, wayyyy back before it closed. SO I picked out a nice contrasting dark blue and started playing with faire isle. This was also around the time I was making Peter’s sweater, and I realized colorwork is easy, particularly in the round 😛 This sock ALSO stalled at the traditional place, but someone on ravelry drooled on it and that got another few inches done. last I checked I’d just finished the heel and was about to work my way up the leg. I’ve got abosmurfly NO CLUE why I went toe up on these socks…

Plus of course, Peter’s Tudor sweater and the 2 socks listed above and a tank top and a few scarf projects I’d rather not talk about and….

BTW I really welcome comments here, people liking things tends to get me interested in getting them finished. So let me know if there’s something here you’d really like to see get finished!