Peter pointed out to me that I’ve been amiss in describing the buntiful plenty of bunnies in our household. Lots has changed since I first introduced Dash, and lots of pictures have been added to their website if you are as addicted to cute bunny photos as I am.

Last I said anything, we had a nice normal bunny family. with Dash, the male, seeming securely in charge of they shyer, more cautions female, Eclipse. Well, we totally forgot her TRUE personality. She really is the Bun Nikita… She’s not really shy, what she is is slow to warm up. She sits back, tries to blend, and is very cautious until she had a situation sussed, then she moves in and takes over. She was no different with Dash than she was with us! After a day of refusing to budge from the top floor of the cage, to coming out and watching Dash hop and socialize with us, she finally had an epiphany – Dash is here to stay, and she has to live with the fuzzy little no-attention-span-brat. So she took charge of the situation. She sat him down, forcibly groomed him taking off all his whiskers, and proceeded to mount and hump him til he got the idea. We separated them the night after this shift just in case he decided to actually fight back, but he so far hasn’t. Every week or so he’ll clumsily try to see if he can change things around – stick his head out and demand grooming, and she’ll repeat her humping performance. Dash is just not smart. For the past week or so he’s tried daily, poor guy, and she’s totally wise to him. He thrusts his head out at her, saying “I order you to groom me!” She’ll pretend to ignore him, and lift her front paws and placidly begin grooming her face. Dash will then push his face further towards her, up against then under her belly. At this point she quickly drops back onto all fours (on top of him…), landing in perfect position to hump him back into submission.

Lather, rinse repeat…

ALL FREAKING MORNING! Poor stupid Dash, I almost wonder if he doesn’t LIKE having his face humped. Maybe when he’s older and wiser he’ll figure things out, but for now Clipsy clearly has the upper hand. I kind of think of them as Pinky and Brain, with of course Clipsy serving as the brains of the organization, and BOTH of them exhibiting utter incompetence. They do plan to take over the world… but so far have only succeeded in totally winning over us and all our friends without escaping the confines of their run area. They’re fun to watch, and even in the midst of all this dominance struggle, can most often be found lying side by side in perfect comfort. Often a mere 10 seconds AFTER a humping episode :-P.