So nearly exactly a month ago we adopted Eclipse, a stunning 7 month old black bunny. After taking her home and spending hours watching her warm up and explore her world, we realized quickly we had a very special bun. Once she gets past the initial caution, she’s a fearless explorer, and VERY social. Simply not enough love in the world for this girl. She’s also very gentle and submissive, and we really feared she’d get lonely with just humans for company. So this Sunday we took a day off Faire to take her for a round of speed dating at Save-a-bunny‘s Campbell adoption event.

Well, it turns out that Clipsy is NOT unflappably brave, she’s a slow to warm up bunny. Poor thing just sat huddled in the dating corral. Since we had little way to know her taste in buns, Lily asked us to just pick someone we liked from the crowd of younger buns. The first pick was female, but we decided to see what would happen. Clipsy tensed, and just sat there while the girl tried to boss her around, nipping her and basically NOT being nice. Meanwhile this really adorable black and white bun (really one of the 2 top choices for sheer cuteness) was jumping up and down and trying to climb the legs of the adoption staff in their enclosure. So we let him in next. Clipsy was much calmer, while her just ran around. She’d occasionally hop up to him and nudge him with her head, as if wanting to be petted. I caught him giving her a cursory lick before hopping wildly off. He also seemed a sweetie in his own right – if he saw Clipsy being petted he hopped right over for his share. He even defensively protected Clipsy if anyone but me came near the pen. A near perfect match! The pet store was noisy and full fo dogs and small children, so we retreated for our bun sitter Dianne‘s place for further observation.

Clipsy and Dash moved into the honeymoon suite – little lanterns overhead, a cute hide box with decorative balcony, and even an ocean view (well, fish tank view…) and we decided to lave the love birds overnight to get to know each other on neutral territory while we went home and massively cleaned and rearranged the bunny area. Sadly, they didn’t get to keep the fancy suite – Dash’s middle name is Trouble, and he quickly learned how to hop over the sides of the pen, and they got moved to maximum security – a pen with walls twice as high AND a ceiling… and the only exit is to the kitchen so if he DID get out, he’d have fewer places to go. Diane let me know he found every bit of trouble possible to get into 🙂 we have a live one.

So the two of them moved home. CLipsy sniffed about, finding the place smelling strange, and hopped upstairs to munch on a new basket. Dash took up residence downstairs. Over time, I decided to force the issue, and picked Dash up and moved him upstairs. Clipsy has yet to come back down (she seems shy, and he’s very much the dominant bun) so we gave them a littler box and water up there as well. And they are settling in together quite nicely. I even caught him giving her ears and face a good grooming (she looked utterly blissful…) Here they are lying side by side, ears in perfect unison: