Today was the first day I went out running since the marathon. 😛 feelign pretty good until I started, then realized those legs are still healing. But 😛 I still managed to beat Peter’s 3 mile time with 32:40 so I’m happy… They boy says he’s happy to have a shared hobby where I’m the expert for once. Most of the things we do together, he’s either more into the tech (scuba) or just have been doing it longer than I’ve been alive (skiing).

So the next goal is to work peter up into half marathon shape by Oct 5 for the SJ rock and roll half. Now I know some of my more serious runner friends will raise eyebrows (especially if they know how badly Peter’s been slacking off on exercise in the last months…) but this is no faster than my marathon program worked up to 14 miles, and I think i skipped 3 of those early weeks to boot. I think my only early injury was when I decided to play DDR for a few hours with a friend the DAY AFTER our 14 mile run… 😛 So yesterday Peter went out on his own for his 3 mile pace setting run, and came back 33:38 later. That’s 11 mins per mile, with hills, so we’ll be shooting for somewhere between 11-12 mins per mile pace on flat. Here’s our rough training schedule:

08/10/08 4
08/16/08 5
08/23/08 6
08/30/08 7
09/06/08 8
09/13/08 10
09/20/08 12
09/27/08 Taper – 6-7
10/05/08 race

I will be still working up to the Nov 9 goal of running the whole Big Sur half marathon without walk breaks, so I’ll either be doing my own long runs (about 10 miles) without Peter, or just going out after training with him and finishing my longer runs. I figure give myself a bit of a break this week, then try to stick to 10 mile long runs weekly until the date. 10 miles is just a wussy recovery week run anyhow, right? 😉 I’d like to stay in the kind of shape where one can do a half marathon at the drop of a hat, for fun, without a lot of planning. Half was such a fun distance, I’d hate for it to become HARD again… 😛