I’ve once again not been a stellar blogger.  I actually had some WORK to do at work, then I spent all last week procrastinating writing newsletters and reports, and didn’t have much writing braincell activity left for blogs  😛

My training continues to progress.  We had our last 10 mile run Saturday, and it went kind of okay.  My right knee started hurting again not too long after the turnaround point, and I decided I really didn’t care  😛  It seemed like a good time in my mind to figure out how well I could deal with it.  I backed off a little from the stream of chatter and just really focused on my stride, making particularly sure NOT to let myself limp or slip into a funny gait.  And lo and behold, my knee didn’t get any worse, and seemed to get slightly better.  So I’m feeling a lot better about my ability to get through it for the actual date (august 3rd no longer seems forever away!), no matter what.  And we finished in perfect time, exactly 2 hours for the 10 miles.

Only problem with lifestyle lately has been motivation and sticking to the whole REST of the lifestyle.  I guess I go thru slums even WITH a major race on the calendar, but the past few weeks (since the 23 miler if the truth be known) its all I can do to stick to the running plan.  Cross training has fallen off to almost nothing, and well..  with 4th of July and such, my eating has been a bit indulgent.  But the scale is firmly holding still so I’m not worrying much.,  This week I shifted my runs a day earlier to get some extra rest before the last long run.  Melissa wont’ be there, but I’ll team up with Monica and Ekta, and probably the 13 min per mile SF team and actually try to do all 26.  My plan is to run 20-23 with our reduced ratio, and then walk in the rest.  I’m really hoping I will do well and get back into things again.  If not…  well, I had these slumps all along in my lifestyle change and I know they’ll pass.  Sooner or later something with spark me off again.

On the yarn front, spinning continues to be where the interest is (tho I have gotten 2 things finished enough to write up) and I *gasp* actually knit a pair of socks with some of my handspun yarn.  I checked in with Knitty and they’re eagerly seeking patterns for knitty-spin, since it seems spinning went and got popular now that the knitters from the last boom are looking for something new.  So no pics of those socks, hopefully you’ll see them in December in the winter Knitty.  if not…  😛  well I’ll put them up one way or another.  I’m also playing with some intentional striping effects in some other yarn, with one strand having very looooooong slow repeats, and the other color makign smaller band stripes, for a funky ombre look.  Haven’t gotten thru the spinning yet, let alone the knitting, so no pics (and really, I may just become a Knitty junkie and send that one there too…  😛 )  Here’s some pics of recently finished yarn:

Homespun yarn