I’ve been shopping for newer shoes for race day… see your feet get bigger the longer you run, and my old shoes started feeling a little small after about 20 miles… 😛 So Thurs and today I was breaking in a new set of Brooks, as they have rounder wider feet than my well-loved Asics. The run was a bit interesting. First off, there are again major wildfires, complete with a dusting of ash on my car this morning, but apparently not as bad as over labor day weekend when our run got canceled. The advantage of the smog is that the clouds made it just that much cooler, and they burned off about half way into the run for some perfect not-too-hot sunshine. We had a pretty small group too, with this being a recovery week and the weather looking downright scary last night (dark ugly bruised clouds for Friday the 13th! very cool effect…) Of the 6 people in 2 pace groups, only Ekta and I showed up. We decided to take it a touch slow (why rush, this is training not race day!) which turned out to be a good thing. My feet were not liking the new shoes. I am a complete dunce about shoes, I swear. Utterly picky, but I can’t tell if I like them until a good 6-8 miles worth, when my legs are tired enough that they fall into old habits if the shoe doesn’t help correct them. My poor feet were rolling on the Los Gatos trail like landlocked sailors (YAY pronation!), and by mile 9 my ankles and knees and outsides of my legs were hurting so bad I decided to call it quits and walk it off the last mile (its not bad just… why push yourself when you know its hurting?) BTW the walk was a good idea, the worst of the soreness worked itself out in that extended cool down.

So I cruise myself back into runner’s factory and much to my delight, John, my favorite shoe salesman is there (he’s the same guy who clued me in on the difference between motion control and arch support). I take out my old shoes and take off the new shoes and explain what happened. He looks down and says “you got these shoes here? Why’d they chose THESE for you?” Apparently they are a lot less supportive, particularly in the arch (hmmmm… the sales person last week insisted they were equal, maybe a bit more support… but my feet were rolling like there was no arch in the shoes!). He went to the stack of shoes (Runners Factory thinks the best store decor is stacks of shoe boxes on every available surface – saves on trips to the back room too!) and grabs me the same darned shoe (Asics Evolution) same size, only in wide width. Voila, my little toes no longer rub against the side/front of the shoes. So I have new shoes for the marathon and last remaining long runs. And I get to decide if I care to track mileage now on *2* pairs of shoes.

Tune in next weekend for a truly long long run – 23 miles on midsummer day! We’re headin’ up to SF for longer trails and cooler air!