Well its not really new… more like combining past and present. Lately I’ve not been in as much of a knitting mood – probably started too many projects and need to let them sit and get interesting again. So instead I’ve been spinning. I’ve spun up in the past week or 3 pretty much all the wool intended for sock yarn in my possession (when last I was into buying wool I was not yet into socks, so its only a few recent purchases!) I am truly lazy as a spinner – I like to make one bobbin of singles, then ply it back onto itself. Voila, yarn, NOW. Simple 2 ply yarn with a minimum of planning. it also makes it easy to check your progress as you go along – just fold a bit in half and see if its thick enough. It also makes for really fun yarn – kind of like the ombre Trekking yarns if yous tart with hand painted roving – each of the 2 strands changes color in its own sequence for a fun multi-toned gradually striping yarn. Here’s the results:

The green yarn is from a slightly variegated roving from Crazy Monkey on Etsy. The blue is actually a lot more multicolored than the photo showed, from turquoise to deepest navy, and came from Royale Hare, whose website seems to not exist, mores the pity. And the red/brown came from a non superwash bag from Purlescence Yarns, bought to encourage them to keep selling fiber some months ago. It sadly isn’t quite soft enough to make socks out of (plus I decided to navajo ply it and had some consistency issues with my plying technique as the singles were really fine and kept trying to break!)

Since I am *gasp* out of wool I of course had to buy more, from another etsy seller, The Ranches Angoras. This is all superwash again, and instead of hand dyed, its carded together for heathered yarn. I’m hoping to spin it so that the colors don’t blend TOO much so it ends up half heathered, half ombre. The top left wool didn’t show up well – its white with dark blue and reddish brown.