YAY! I can FINALLY talk about them! Muscari socks went live in this season’s edition of Knitty. As you may or may not know, Knitty really loves their patterns to be a surprise, so they simply don’t accept any pattern you’ve blogged or photoed or mentioned on ravelry. So I’ve been biting my tongue on these socks for, oh, months. The pattern was originally named Falling Leaves (BTW I recommend green or fall toned yarn… 😛 I still like ’em in purple tho!) but Knitty editors correctly realized that not everyone thinks leaves should be purple and falling isn’t what leaves do in summer! I’ve come to terms with the name after stubbornly looking thru about 1000 flower photos looking for another one that fit better – Didn’t find one. Special kudos to the people that can guess why there is only one sock in the photo and why this pattern went with that yarn… Other yarns I’ve played with the stitch pattern in are Online Sierra and some leftover swatches from various hand dyed yarns I had around. I rarely actually knit the same sock more than twice so I don’t have any other finished socks to show off. BTW Muscari is under consideration for a monthly sock knit along on yahoo groups in July so if you’re interested, drop by and put in your vote for this pattern! I will definitely be joining and offering support. I fully expect loads of questions about the heel and encourage heel substitution on this one – a flap heel would look just as well, I just don’t like the feel of flaps.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know what you think. 😛  Even more photos can be found on my flicker page or at Ravelry.