Once upon a time, I raided my grandma’s closet for cute stuff from her working days that didn’t fit her (or me, lol) anymore. I had the vague hope since it was labeled size 12 that it would some day actually fit like a modern size 12. One suit managed to stay at the back of my closet through all the moves of college and marriage and grad school and in my fit of spring cleaning (I think I’m getting rid of more weight in clothing than I’ve lost in fat!) I decided, what the heck try it on, hope its not now too big.

The skirt is a little *snug* but it otherwise fits me almost like its tailored for me!

I’ve also repeatedly been told that maybe I just shop in stores that are more inflated than others. I’m a devoted Macy’s girl – seem to have the best trade-off between price and quality for my budget. Lately I’ve been doing a TON of Penny’s shopping because at the rate I’ve needed to buy clothes, $50 a suit and $20-30 for slacks really works… 😉 Several people told me they’re sure the small expensive boutique stores aren’t as prone to size inflation, so I decided to use my memorial day shopping errand as an informal size inflation survey. Results are in and I’m quite shocked at the consistency:

  • Ann Taylor Loft – 2 (I just tried on a 6 and it was HUGE, so this is an estimate)
  • GAP – 2
  • Banana republic – 2 – 4 depending on cut
  • Eddie Bower – 2
  • New York and Company – 2
  • Levi’s jeans – 4
  • Guess jeans – 4-6 when sizes not given in inches (yay inches!)
  • Talbots – 4
  • Nordstroms – 2
  • Macy’s most brands – 4
  • JC Penny-s most brands – 4
  • Sears – 2-4 depending on brand, IF they carry anything smaller than a 6

In nearly EVERY store, the smallest size available fit (Talbots is an exception but GOD I will hurt if I must shop there! $$$$$$$$$). In other words, if they HAD a 2 at all, I fit it. If they didn’t, their 4 was a little smaller and I fit it. BTW I have a 30 inch waist so we’re not talking super skinny here! YES, I can find smaller in petites but they’re too short, and jr’s are too narrow for my marathon training legs. BTW its just as bad in men’s… Peter can’t find any khakis with a waist smaller than 30 and can only rarely find jeans in a 29.

So if you read that Marylin Monroe was a size 12, we’re promoting unachievable skinniness, and you shouldn’t feel bad about your weight… Just remember, size 12 from the 50’s fits me snugger than the size 2’s and 4’s I’ve been trying on recently… Isn’t size inflation nuts?