So yesterday’s run was officially canceled – there are massive wildfires in the hills just above our trail and for some reason coach didn’t want us breathing in ash particles. Huh… go figure. So I went shopping instead. I got lazy and skipped the closet clean-out and inventory and just hit the memorial day sales. Wow, apparently I bought a lot of black pants in the size-6 phase… size 6 is lose but fine with a belt now, so I have oh, 5 decent pairs of black slacks now. Oh well… Still need some gray and dark brown. Biggest closet casualty was the suits. Apparently I’d bought nothing but cute summer dress suits since, oh, a year and a half ago. Sadly Penny’s (my I’m too cheap to buy a real suit store of choice) isn’t into suits right now so that will likely have to wait til fall. I DID find that the black suit jacket I’ve had since, oh, early HS now fits so in a pinch i can dress up nice. Need to try on the suits I stole from my grandma’s closet too, but got lazy.

The biggest coup was in bathing suit shopping. My mall is rather teen-ager (more than most) and after searching thru store after store and finding nothing but triangle bathing suits, I finally gave in and tried one on. Wow, I’m scrawny enough to wear nothing but triangles over my body and still look good. I still don’t think they flatter my more-ample-than-a-13-year-old chest but I found one where the squashing is less obvious than most, just to have one. Peter will like it at least… 😛

Today’s plan was to make up the 9 miler by driving over the hill to grant park for a little trail running. (rather than run the neighborhood twice). Much to my surprise, peter and Rob decided to come along, both intending to run with me the whole way (They’re men, you’ve got to understand. neither is very macho but…) We picked a trail that sounded long enough yet decently runable, “Dutch Flats” If you’ve ever BEEN up to grant park you are probably rolling on the ground laughing by now. Dutch must be trail-speak for NOT! It is an absolutely gorgeous dirt trail that goes UP to the ridge and then back DOW, nothing but hills, for 4.6 miles. I started running. The boys stopped. i decided this is funny… and told them hey, why don’t you walk, I run at my pace to the end, and then we meet half way and walk back down. Yeah

So I set off, and the first 4 min run interval is a bit more tiring than usual, but fine… at the end of the walk I’m thinking, what, was that a minute? I make it thru about 3 of the next run minutes, and then sorta pretend to half run half walk for the last. I give up rapidly in the first half of the next run interval and jog back down the hill to meet the boys. I like hill practice, sure, but I don’t really like 2 miles of it. So we decided that walking 9 miles is good enough, and every now and then poor Rob takes off running (inevitably at the steepest hill we’ve seen in a bit instead of the slightly flatter parts!) I decide to jog until I catch up to him trying to catch his breath, and we all slow down for Peter who has intelligently stayed at a walk up the hill. 😛 Rob makes an obligatory comment about not doing that to himself again, and then after a half mile or 2 of walking, lather rinse repeat. We finally get back DOWN the hill to a flatter 2 miles back to the parking lot, and I am duly accused of being a show off as I insist on running all the flat parts, and then because I don’t like to stand around waiting, RUN back from the top of the next hill to the guys walking along behind. I was just really happy to prove to my legs that they CAN go back to a run after miles of mostly walking, because in the heat wave last week that was a bad idea. That and I really felt I wanted to run SOME… All in all Grant park is a lovely place for hiking, but I’d not recommend at least the trail WE were on for running, and don’t take a bike there unless you have really good tires and breaks. 😛 its all hills!

Now we’re back home kicking back (and doing laundry and sorting out closets and whatnot). I’ll probably conclude the massive shopping trip tomorrow, and then actually (shock horror) take the pants that don’t fit to career closet and goodwill. I’m sick of them clogging up my closet and I’m pretty darned sure I won’t see size 12 or 14 for a while… its safe to get rid of the stuff.

Oh yes I also forgot to mention last week. I’ve signed up for 2 half marathons: San Jose’s Rock and Roll (which goes directly down my street in front of my office windows so I HAVE to run it you see), and the Big Sur half in Monterey. My idea is to spend the time between working up to being able to run the whole distance, minus walk breaks to grab water. Likely wont’ happen as SJ, since I suspect I’ll stop and listen to at least one or 2 of the bands (let’s try for run-dance instead of run-walk!) but I’d really like to pull it off for Big Sur in November. Won’t really start working towards that til after the marathon though. Its good to have goals for after so I don’t just flop in my chair and rest off the 26.2 miles for a year!