Yesterday, a lovely man named Jack called into my radio station, Mix 106.5, with the comment that women over 30 are no longer sexy and are therefore useless.  I, like most human beings on this planet, find this to be categorically wrong and thought it would be fun with the help of my readers to put together a list of truly accomplished women age 30 or higher.  Since this is mostly a marathon/running blog and I don’t think knitting would get thru jack’s head (unless the needles were raelly sharp!) I thought I’d start with one particular woman:

Paula Radcliff, currently age 35, is not just the current female world record holder for the marathon, she holds *4* of the top 5 race times in history!  She broke her previous record at age 29 in 2003 with a time of 2:15:25.  That’s the equivalent of running a 100 yard dash in 19 seconds AND THEN MAINTAINING THAT SPRINT FOR 26.2 MILES.  Frankly I suspect she can run a marathon at a faster speed than Jack can run a mile  😛  She can probably run a marathon and THEN beat Jack in a 100 yard dash.  In 2005, at the age of 31, she finished the London marathon in a leisurely  2:17:42 – not breaking her own record, but still running it faster than any woman on earth.  I really don’t think she’s feeling at all useless or dried up, and she’s certainly NOT unattractive
My challenge to you out there in blogland – PLEASE add your comments to this post, and tell us about a woman 30 or over who has accomplished truly amazing feats – changed the world for the better, done something no one else can do, etc.  Historical (I’m thinking Queen Elizabeth I belongs here along with oh, a few hundred female rulers)  I’d love to read the list and send it on to Sandy at Mix 106.5.  I’ll also be making sure my darling sister, who just turned 30, reads this list!  Woman’s life STARTS at 30.  The rest is just rehearsal!