Okay its time for a rant.  Peter and I are recently back from clothes shopping since the weather is clearly summer and neither of us has summer clothes that fit anymore…  and we are scared.  Both of us are certain that we have an inch or 2 still to lose around the middle and here’s the deal…  NEITHER OF US CAN FIND CLOTHES THAT FIT in many of the stores we tried.  I’m a size 2 or 4 now depending on the brand.  Several stores don’t even CARRY below size 6.  Peter wears a 29″ pair of pants, and couldn’t find a single pair of demin shorts in all the stores of the mall that fit.  Too big.  Universally.  Neither one of us is what you would call scrawny.  Peter in fact is still trying to shed 10-15 pounds and frankly still has a bit of a belly. (heck I have a bit of a belly still too!)  What is up with this nation that 2 more or less average height people, in the *top* half of the healthy range of BMI charts, CANNOT FIND CLOTHES SMALL ENOUGH?!?!?  I mean I know were a nation of obese people but this is scary.

Its discouraging.  It makes me wanna go eat Ben and Jerry’s until I can fit into clothes again!  Shopping for thin clothes is supposed to be fun, not yet another discouraging experience of not finding anything that fits.  In fact, I have MORE trouble shopping now than I did 50 pounds ago.  I wonder, I really do, if the lack of appropriately sized clothing is part of why people yo-yo?  I mean, what fun is being skinny if you can’t find clothes that flatter your new figure?!?!?

So this is my question to all of you skinny people out there in blogland.  Where do you shop???  I can’t fit jr’s clothes because I have these thighs that can run 18 miles and real grown-up hips…  by the time I find pants I can fit my legs into at all the waist is like 6 inches too large…..  I can probably survive hunting down the 1 pair of size 4’s in any given store, but I’m still shrinking.  Where the heck can I FIND smaller clothes? I’m not losing any weight but my size 4 jeans are already feeling lose as the weight moves from belly fat to leg muscle.  Where can Peter find MEN’S clothes with 29″ waist or smaller?  Where do all the skinny people shop???  Are there skinny people stores (opposites of Lane Bryant) that I just don’t know about?  If not, how do skinny people clothe themselves?

And is anyone else but me as utterly appalled by this trend?  It is so NOT FAIR to have achieve better than my goal and still not have attractive clothes that fit.  😦