This week has been a rough week for training.  My calf was causing actual pain (I caught myself limp-running on Thursday and made it even worse) and I skipped out on the 8 mile recovery run on Sat.  Sun I was feeling somewhat better after lots of rest and ice so let myself be talked into a 3 mile walk to see some rather smelly elephant seals.  That went well, did some walking again Monday, and Tues went for a shorter run (2.6 miles) in the neighborhood, at a 3:1 run ratio.  That felt good but I was glad i didn’t push further.  THEN the heatwave hit.  Blessedly I woke up early Thurs with enough energy to run, and was able to do my whole route.  Heat wave was *supposed* to wane by the weekend so I thought it would be okay…  Til Friday was just as hot as Thurs…  *sigh*

So the high temp Saturday was “only” 91…  but it was a scorcher.  I was *not* actually complaining about starting an hour earlier.  Melissa is running bay to breakers instead of the 18 mile run (including running BACK to her car to make up the distance, lol) so I was with the slower pace group.  We rather quickly split into 2 groups, as Ekta and Monica insisted that “it hurts to much to slow down” to the slower long run pace.  I timed them at an 11 min mile and decided they could run ahead if they insisted…  but I’m not going to run FASTER than my usual pace on a run we’ve been told to go slower on!  I sadly don’t recall my running partners names.  One is an AIDS marathoner that has missed a few of the runs I shared with this pace group, and her friend who is moving down from Oregon.  We did quite well on the way out, with a small, I thought at the time, minor misstep on my part that twisted my ankle.  Felt fine at the time, so we keep on going, right on time for the long-run 13:30 pace we were supposed to be running (well, a tad fast, closer to the 13:00 on many miles but close enuf!) I do notice a calf muscle in that leg hurting a bit more than usual, but hey, by now I’m so used to hurting in muscles I didn’t knwo I ahve, and its nto bad, so I jjust pay clsoer attention to stride and keep going.

So we turn around at mile 10, already whining extensively about the heat and take a minor stretch break…  and its pointed out to me that I’m actually limping slightly.  I start to worry and of course that means I can’t ignore the aching muscle anymore.  Also, my teammate is recovering from food poisoning…  so we go slower, and around mile 13 or 14 we hit a walk break that she just can’t start running again from.  I swear that trail used to have shade but we can’t find  any, and she’s dizzy and nauseous if she tries to go faster than a power walk.  Since my ankle is clearly not up to snuff, and it sure isn’t gonna cool down, we decide to walk it.  We had a lovely time around mile 15.5 when we find a water fountain in the shade and take a water fight break.  Oh you didn’t know that running included mandatory water fight breaks?  😛  it does at 90 degrees, trust me.  This cures the heatstroke…  or does it.  We make it through another 2 run periods that are more shady than most before BOTH of us are dizzy.  The friend decides she’s running out of time (has to get to work) and that she’s feeling good for 2 miles alone, and we let her take off knowing its a walking finish.  Besides, 15 mins a mile walk isn’t much different than a 13:30 jog…  And we do make it, able to keep up the fast walk, and then rest in the shade with some ice and watermelon.  About 10 mins alter up comes Ekta and Monica – apparently Ekta had some knee problems.  I don’t think anyone finished in time except maybe a few of the fastest runners – and most groups ended up walking it in.  The heat was definitely a killer out there.

Anyhow, to make a long story short, I spend the whole afternoon sick (oh yeah and we bought Peter running shoes and me some more running clothes for warmer weather before I truly caved into the worst of it) – I’m starving but my stomach was *NOT* happy with my usual IHOP omelet and pancake long run pigout on a body I didn’t know was dehydrated.   I drank so much water on the run but I just don’t think it was possible to drink enough,.  I passed the pee-test so i didnt’ realize I was pretty badly depleted.  We do Sweet Tomatoes for dinner (mmm soup is the perfect dehydration food!) which seems to settle my intestines enough to notice my legs (joy!) and I get home, look down, and notice my right ankle is not the same size as my left  :(.  Its not a bad sprain by any means, but definitely a real one.  Hopefully it will clear up quick.  Anyone know what the rules are for very mild ankle sprains and running?  Dunno if I should keep off it or go ahead with Tues and Thurs’s runs.  Will have to do some research.  Its truly mild (in fact I don’t feel it at all with the elastic band brace on, only if I try to walk without it) so I’m pretty sure I’ll be back to normal within a week.