Well in all honesty they’ve been done for a week but I finally got them photographed, so its official and I can PROVE that they are done now. I’ve actually run in them twice, and threatened to do the 16 miler in them, but us runner folk are superstitious and you’re simply NOT ALLOWED to use new gear for a super long run. They’ll hit the road with the team next week for 8 miles and if they are still keeping my feet happy, they will go 18 miles with me. Oh yeah, the photos, you all came to see the photos!

Knitter geeks note you can click on that photo for pattern details. As I went on at length before, the yarn is a great new yarn and favorite of mine, Crystal Palace Panda Silk, which is mostly bamboo and wool, with a teensy bit of silk thrown in. That makes it very soft, smooth, and really good at keeping moisture away from feet while not being so super warm. I’ve worn and washed these socks a few times and they just keep getting better. not to mention… They really do look like the bridge, right? 😛