Today was the 16 mile run with the team. Sarah was absent again, so it was just me and Melissa for the whole route. Today we started out on hills (and I insisted on actually running up them! The neighborhood hilliness is really getting me in shape for that) and the dirt/gravel dam trail for 4 miles, then out 6 miles and back on the Los Gatos Creek trail from Runner’s Factory up to the Campbell Inn and back. It was another absolutely perfect day for long running – started out in the 50’s and got almost up to 70 by the end of the run, and lovely sunny clear skies. Not too hot, not too cold, and a great day.  Got a bit of a tan despite copious sun screen!

The other treat of the day (besides once again running under Campbell Ave) was all the families out to play – GEESE families! All the parks along the creek were populated by clusters of cute fat yellow goslings herded by teams of moms (the creches clearly had too many little yellow balls of fluff to be from just one family). Now, I have long insisted that Canadian geese are illegal immigrants flying over the border for winter work… clearly I am wrong! At least SOME of the young are born here. Apparently some Canadian geese have gotten citizenship and just don’t fly home to the frozen north anymore.  Poor, poor politically misguided things, I hope they have no need of medical care or intelligent leadership  😛 At any rate they were extremely cute.

The running also went well – despite pushing up the hills we were still ahead of our new slow-for-long-run-workout pace for most of the 6 miles out, and then slowed a bit for the homestretch to average out at just the right speed. I think the fastest mile of the final 6 was by far the last one – we were both feeling it by then and really just wanted to be DONE. Besides, no need to save up energy after the 15 mile marker blew past. We hit the wood path at the end of the run (last .2 miles) and I just started running “all out” (well, what passes for all out in a Suzi that has just run 15.8 miles). it felt so good to have energy left, and the watch was saying we had 2+ mins left in the mile at our pace, but it was only 1:50 to the next walk break. And I was damned if I was gonna finish walking 😛 I was huffing and puffing and loving the extra stretch at the end. And joy of my life, the snack group brought watermelon! now, normally I am not a watermelon girl but I swear on a warm day after a long run, nothing tastes better.

So that was today’s run. I’m now knitting away on the runner socks and resting up, having taken a little recovery walk over our hill. Sadly Peter’s feeling sick (working too hard caught up with him apparently, poor thing) so wasn’t able to join me for the world’s slowest half mile walk. Hopin’ tomorrow doesn’t hurt much, as I feel ever so slightly more worse for wear than after 14 miles. Definitely being good this time tho and taking tomorrow OFF except for maybe another short walk if I feel too stiff. Maybe I’ll actually write up the bridge socks pattern for once… 😛