As a few of you know from chatting online, I’ve been nursing a sore quad/knee for a bit. Decided to take a few days off before the recovery run Sat, but its still been bugging me. So I’m shifting my program and *sniff* I think its time to cut DDR for a bit. Need a non leg intensive cross training sport right now. Course… 😛 yesterday I was a lazy bum who didn’t want to sweat before an interview so I did a big huge nothing, but I’ll be switching over to abs and arms strength training on my non-run days from here on out.

And so far the bit of rest seems to be working. its been a while sine my legs wanted to move much, and I’ve been going thru the motions of doing my runs because I know I need too. Today I actually got back on the plan of running for speed on the short home runs. My time: 46:47 on my usual 4.4 miles. Hopefully someone reads my blog better than i do and can tell me if that’s faster than last time or not 😛 I’m just happy to be going back under 11:00 without hurting myself. I feel a lot better when my legs actually WANT to move. They also really liked me roller-massaging before, after, and after shower after… I swear I’m gonna get me a roller that’s small enough to take along to the actual run site for that!

I’ve also been trying out the Panda Silk socks. I’m kinda indifferent on them at the moment… they’re a definite improvement over tofutsies. I think they will wait out this weekend (16 miles!) and show up to the 8 mile run in a week. They’re all pretty and bridge-y, I really need to photo them. hey and if anyone has Persimmon leftovers…. I don’t have enough for another pair… I accept any and all donations of yarn! 😉 And one of these days I need to knit something OTHER than running socks. The feet, sooooo boring… I don’t know how I can run for an hour with nothing but the rhythm of my feet to keep me company but ask me to knit in plain stockinette for 15 mins and I whine whine whine whine… 😉