I’ve been in a non blogging mood all week – I have lot going on career wise – was sending out resumes and cover letters, and just not feelign chatty. The *GOOD* news on that front is the work has paid off and I have an interview for an adjunct teaching slot in psych testing next week! At a local psych grad school (Institute of Transpersonal Psychology) no less! I am very excited and hope all goes well. keep me in your thoughts Wed 3 PM pacific!

The week finished of course after the 14 mile run. Did I mention I ran a half marathon last week and enjoyed it? It was very odd, passing landmarks running that I’d normally only drive between. I was also grateful for unseasonably cold weather that morning. I ended up feelign *SO* good that I let myself forget that I ran 14 miles… πŸ˜› and my legs weren’t so sure THEY felt as good as *I* did. The next day I DDR’ed for 2 hours with a friend and of course that meant trying to show off. My legs eventually sent up warning signal flares and I made myself stop. But the next day I was in this “I miss Peter I have no brain” mode, and instead of taking Monday off in place of Sunday, I managed to convince myself Sunday didn’t count since we took so many breaks, and did another half hour of DDR. I simply couldn’t help it, Erika made me put in one of the older games and I found so many songs I hadn’t done in forever….. The Tuesday happened and boy my legs were trying to communicate but I was thinking it would be really BAD to skip a run day… and then somehow out on the road I managed to convince myself it would be really BAD to run shorter, or even take the less hilly route… And then when my legs were REALLY killing me I decided it would be a PAIN to have to walk home… πŸ˜› Yeah. Smart me. A few hours alter I had sharp pains in my good right knee that wouldn’t go away stretching and walking…. uh oh. They eased off but didn’t go away the next day and i finally got it. Took the next 3 days off.

Today was a 7 mile “recovery” run and Melissa was back from touring colleges with her kids and visiting family, and my legs were about as stiff as they can get (and the scale says I’m still retaining water, a sign I’ve started to realize means my legs are overworked). it was good to be back with my pace group. none of this talk of “what was our pace that mile, okay slow down/speed up and then grim silence for another 10 mins… nope, 1:27 of constant chatter about kids, college, lost pet snakes that won’t come out of hiding (grrrrr) the absolutely gorgeous (but a bit warm for me) weather, and I can’t even remember what… My legs were NOT happy to be running but they did the job okay and I don’t feel all that hurtful – bout the same as last week, only I’m less hyper. But I must have been really tired because…

On the way home…

Okay so I always thought cars thumped funny with flat tires. MY car apparently makes loud sounds that sound like its in the wrong gear and the engine is overworking. I’m cruising along in the slow lane SURE I’ve got a broken muffler wondering why the HELL my car is so loud… Eventually it gets worse and not better and I decide to get off. Besides, people have started waving at me and pointing at my car. its either flames shooting out the tailpipe or something wrong. So I pull off at McLaughlin (more than half way home) and into the nearest parking lot – Super Taqueria! (no gas station in sight) and low and behold, that smoke is the smoking remains of a tire. Undaunted, I get out the spare and the jack and begin doin my thang. I do have just a bit of trouble getting the &@#!@%$# bolts loosened, but I’ve got 3/4 when Mr. cute latino guy decides I need help (the sight of me jumping up and down on a tire iron of course had *NOTHING* to do with this) Ruins my girl power “I can do it mood” Guys never *help* you do anything in their sphere. They do it for you. He gets the last bolt off like it was easy, proceeds to try to jack my car up higher, fails, takes the tire off, discovered that indeed, I placed the jack wrong and the spare won’t fit under, can’t get the flat back on, so props it under the car, and lowers and re-raises the car making it look like its a lot of work (it wasn’t the first time I used the jack but hey… :-p), and has the spare on. I am allowed to trunk my own dead tire (but only cuz he was busy tightening bolts)

So Baby is happily at Sears getting a new shoe and I am once again really happy for shelling out for road hazard on the cheap annoying tires I bought her. (2nd road hazard replacement this batch) The happy ending part is that, despite me driving, oh, 12 miles on a flat, my wheel rims are okay. TIRE is very nearly in several pieces, but it needed replacing anyhow, no major harm. My girl power thing got a little reinforced when I called mommy to tell her the tale (the phone rang while I was playing with a jack) and later told Peter. Both commented “couldn’t you just call AAA?” Well, yeah, I could, but I was hot, sweaty, feeling utterly dumb, and I really didn’t wanna sit around for a half hour in a Super Taqueria parking lot waiting for a truck to unscrew a few bolts, and I REALLY didn’t see the need to use up a tow for something so mundane. Sadly, when I didn’t answer the phone, mom thought I was home and called peter. This had a sad effect of getting the boy out of bed and into the shower. Very bad. THAT’S MY HOT WATER you are luxuriating in as I walk in the door… πŸ™‚ I need to train him that I really do want all of it… πŸ˜›