I’m recently back from my 14 mile team run.  As you may recall from 2 weeks ago, I faced it with some small trepidation, having met the Jello Wall somewhere around mile 9 of 12.  Today I set out for the site (late again for pace leader meeting, did I mention that 8 AM is early?) positively loaded down with enough gels and cubes and stuff for a whole marathon in homes of defeating that wall.  I arrived and much to my sadness, my usual pace group was not there, but Ekta and the 12:30 group were, so I set off with them.  We took the first half nice and easy – closer to 13 mins per mile, and I hit the halfway point feeling good.  Ekta and I started taking the lead – we’re the types that are a bit slow to warm up but once ya get going, barring physical barriers, we KEEP going.  I almost forgot to feed myself the second gel at 8 miles…  (MMMMMMMMMMM, chocolate mint is the BOMB) and WHEW, they put caffeine in those things!  its a very good idea let me tell you.  Made me all cheerful, helped the endorphins stick around.  By mile 11 or so I hit a major second wind, and started runnign just a little ahead of everyone.  By the middle of mile 12 I was the cheerleader saying “No, we finish together; if you need to walk I so will not mind.”  Being a bit more hard-core than my usual group, they chose running and I gave occasional pep comments throughout.  I was VERY excited to pass 13 miles and frankly, nothing was getting me down at that point.  I finished all 14 miles on pace (3:06 but there was a long walk before the 14 in that time too), and frankly feeling a hell of a lot better than I have since, oh, the 5 mile run I think.

I think I’m investing in the GU company…  😛  yeah a case of chocolate mint came home…

Now, if only my legs agreed that I feel better…  help, my house has stairs and I’m stuck UP them…  🙂  And there is a spinach omelet somewhere out there in this world with my name on it and I must go hunt it down and devour it!