I have known for weeks that I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been – my average 4 mile time is faster than I’ve done just one except for that year in Jr high where I went nuts and joined a handful of sports teams. Today I decided to put a number to that fitness, as I know even that year, my mile time was just under 10 mins, and I was damned proud of that (since the year before I’d huffed and puffed to beat 12). I mapped out a 1 mile route that had as little hill and traffic as I could get, and set out to find out just HOW good I am 😉 I did start out WAY too fast and had to take a little walk after about 3 mins (and about .4 miles!). And I discovered that somehow the whole route I picked was uphill. I swear. Both ways… But in the end I did run most of it and the final time was:


Not just under 10, but WELL below 9 mins per mile. And more than a minute faster than I’ve ever run it. 😛 So to celebrate I ran another 3 miles at normal speed. I swear they made those hills steeper while I wasn’t looking… 😛 Someone needs to quit teraforming my neighborhood while I run it! Anyhow, I’m darned proud of that mile time so I need to brag and be complimented!