Yes, I know, like I need MORE new yarn… πŸ˜› The search for the perfect running yarn continues and I figured, eh, why not. I’d been browsing around Etsy for some woolly yarns, as the problem with tofutsies was it was not fluffy enough, and ran into a seller whose dyeing I liked, Crazy Monkey Creations, who had some washable and thin merino yarn up. When I asked if she did custom colors, she said she didn’t (monitors being what they are its hard to order custom online), but she’d be willing to play with the idea and post the results in her store. And of course, it is PERFECT! πŸ™‚ Here’s a photo of the yarn next to the logo on my AIDS Marathon running shirt:

To top it all off… I ordered the yarn on 4/13… and it arrived by today! Impressively fast! Thanks so much Crazy Monkey Creations!