When I noticed my contributions were nearing my goal… I started a very informal contest among my friends, to see who would be the one to push my sponsorship total over the goal line. I would like to offer a VERY BIG THANK YOU to Rob Millner, who pushed me over the goal line in spades (hearts, diamonds and clubs… )

I’d like to thank each and every one of my sponsors. I was very happily surprised at the outpouring of support from so many directions, and really did NOT expect to meet my goal til well into summer at least. You guys are all amazing! Tune in tomorrow as I strongly suspect the AIDS marathon folks will twist my arm into setting a new goal. This is about supporting our community and people in need, and every little bit helps. I’ve never been the sort to stop at the minimum or I would not have signed up for this effort!

Today was an absolutely awesome day for running, but I was stressing over SCCPA stuff so I decided to spend it knitting, stamping newsletter envelopes, and (YAY!) returning potential client phone calls. My current knitting project is made with some of my favorite but never used (yeah I know… but the colors are to dye for! ) etsy yarn from Fearless Fibers. Its very soft, and the colors are very vibrant yet subtle variegated. The colorway I’m working with is a sand tone called Speak Softly, and I spent AGES finding the stitch pattern I liked for it. i ended up settling on a variation of a stitch that really needs pale, subtle colors, Dragon Skin. but, I don’t much like the solid vertical bars in the original stitch, so I turned the 2 knits into a 3 stitch panel of lace. Here’s the sock so far after MANY MANY false starts (the yarn held up beautifully to being ripped out 6 times I might add)

Nothing like getting a knitting project to finally turn out right to improve your mood! Also, some SCCPA stuff with the webmaster turned out to be not quite so bad of a disaster as I had thought (although the man DID still defend his right to include spamming the entire membership as a requirement of his contract. ew, ick, need shower). The sun was shining, it was WARM and Peter was in a running mood too. We decided to take it easy on him so he could keep up with me, and cut the usual run short to 3 miles. It cuts out one last long (3 mins at least) hill and keeps in most of the prettiest parts of the run. Peter really did keep up. In fact, he seems to go a tad FASTER than me at the start of a 4 min interval (and we just will kindly neglect to mention the huffing puffing end of a 4 min run interval).

I was feeling very good – I swear I get high off of sunshine and there was plenty of it today. So I decided to be a show off and when we got back home I took 2 laps around the park, adding another mile and a half and a good several hills. The first lap I actually ran the hills faster than on the way out. The mostly flat run home actually got me really charged up and no hill was gonna stop me. besides, there were entertaining people racing each other in the park and cute kids that hugged random smiling strangers and other fun stuff. The second time around the hills definitely did not win, but I swear they got longer and steeper… 😛 I decided 4.4 miles is far enough and didn’t go for 3. Total time was 52:30, including a little extra walk on the way home after Peter met a very unfriendly sidewalk crack. Its very good to know I can shorten the main route and make it up almost exactly by throwing in the park. Made for a good hill practice run. next week tho I swear I’m gonna try for the real hill….. The ones in SF look long and not tortuously steep and Mt. Pleasant road will be good training if I can ever get myself to try!