Today was another run with the team – 12 miles! We get to go every other week for a while, its only 6 next week. Time for a rest… All 4 of us showed up today – Sarah, Melissa and fanny. Fanny let us know she’d be moving up a pace group, and the rest of us 3 set out. All felt pretty good, we hit the first mile at 12 mins on the nose, which meant we were ahead of schedule (the first mile includes the warm-up walk) and reigned ourselves back in to speed for the first half. It was funny though… the 12:30 pace group was right ahead of us… we’d catch them and then they’d finish walk break and head out. They managed to stay ahead of us the whole way! Coach was actually out and running and was definitely in favor of us sticking to a comfortable pace if no one was feeling held back. None of us were, we all seemed to be keeping the same pace without thinking about it. In fact… 😛 I really knew I could go faster, I wasn’t even tired at the walk breaks but hey… 12 miles, need some of that energy for the end.

So we got a little lost… never DID find the 6 mile turn around point, but Sarah has GPS so we knew how far we’d come and just did our own turn. Then my knee did this thing… I almost hit the pavement. 10 seconds later it was fine. Weird… We kept running, easy pace. I got all happy between mile 8 and 9 when I ***CROSSED 100 TOTAL MILES*** and then it happened. I hit what I now “affectionately” refer to as the jello wall. no one ever told me the walls runners talk about are in fact made of thick sticky syrup. At least, that’s what it felt like I was running through. Felt like water aerobics, I swear. We’d been told and told to take food or gels with us and I *MEANT* to… but I’d planned to grab ’em at the store before heading out and today of all days they didn’t open up early for us. OOOOOPS. Mile 10 was interesting but I mostly kept up. by mile 11 I was setting my own run/walk pace because i simply could not get my legs to run for 4 mins, and by mile 12 I called it – I couldn’t run more than 10 steps without feelign like I couldn’t move. BUT, we finished. All 12 of them miles. Coach was like “you could have called, we would have picked you up” NO WAY. How am I gonna show up for 14 mile day if I let myself get driven back from less than 12? Walking to finish felt right. We discussed what happened, the LARGE salt circles around my eyes and face were pointed out to me, and we decided not to send me back a pace group (which wouldn’t help they finished before us, remember?) and to prescribe in-run fuel AND sports drink and see how it goes with that. Hopefully it will help. It didn’t feel like any injury it just was suddenly my legs wouldn’t MOVE.

Oh yeah and I felt instantly better as I wolfed down orange slices and strawberries at the meet point… Thanks Miki Gorman group, the fruit baskets rocked! Will do better next time but heck, I finished and that’s what counts.