So about a week ago, the AIDS marathon people moved offices. For 2 weeks they were packing and unpacking boxes. Seems that nothing on the website is automated and a human has to actually link up each donation to each runner (Hey any web coders out there reading this, wanna donate some time? THEY NEED HELP!) All of a sudden today I log in… $1,298.12?!?!? Add in the proceeds I’m donating from Suzi’s Knits that I haven’t sent over yet and I’m up to a grand total of $1362.65!

Thanks to everyone for their support… but still not there yet. If you’ve been thinking of making a donation now is a great time. I’m about to cross 100 training miles, and in about 3 weeks will have run my first HALF marathon as part of the program. Things are moving along. I know several friends out there have said they plan to donate… 😛 I’ll keep bugging you til you do, you know…

Thanks everyone for your help!