Hey everyone! I just noticed… I’m about to clear 100 total miles! Check in Saturday for a very excited Suzi… Should be at about 103 after my 12 mile with the team this weekend!

Yesterday was a NICE DAY again, and much to my excitement, Peter was finally feeling over the cold from hell and wanting to go running. I remember well when we started out, huffing and puffing behind him on the hills, so I figured no problem. Now, I think Peter’s a little behind due to not having built back up from being sick, but WOW have I come a long way. I left the watch behind figuring I didn’t wanna worry about intervals with Peter along, and I wanted to be sure to run all my uphills. And it seems the hills I’m used to at least aren’t so bad (not nearly as steep as the gravel hills of Saturday’s fame – same elevation gain, longer distance) – for me… I was chattering away at Peter, barely feeling tired, and noted, wow… he’s huffing and puffing like I used to. Poor guy used up all his energy keeping up with me on the hills and we did more walking than running on the way home nursing his knee. Now I’m not saying this to dis Peter – he’s in awesome shape, its just the comparison was, WOW. Nothing like comparing yourself against someone you haven’t worked out with since you started ramping up your training. It was very clear to me I’ve come a LONG way.

So today, I got my socks done, and went out to photo them, then actually *RUN* my run. Here’s the finished photo:
Golden Gate sport socks
The image isn’t quite perfect and the darned picot edging is rolling a bit, but they fit right and you can see the bridge, right? *I* know its there even in the fancy yarn and that’s what matters. I think I’d get a better photo later in the day with the light less straight down but I’m sorry I’m lazy.

Then I went out running, again just going as fast as I can go… new best time (barely) of 47:18. So I can do under 11 mins consistently. I was again rather proud, and HEY if I can run it even FASTER I’ll finally be on program (we’re only supposed to do 30-45 min runs but :-P) Socks sadly were less than perfect feeling. The cuff sits just right and in shorts (it is warm enough to run in shorts!) they were the perfect fit. I don’t even mind the lack of snugness at the ankle – it actually feels good. The problem is… I can feel the silly stitches. And I saw lovely imprints of said stitches on my feet when the shoes came off. 10 SPI is just fine with Tofutsies, and it turns kinda stiff any tighter… so looks as if I will be wanting a softer, fluffier yarn for running socks. Shame, cuz I have about another pairs worth in the ball. maybe they will soften up with washing. Certainly good for neighborhood runs, I’m just concerned about rubbing on longer. And yes, they are purl side to skin, but I actually find the knit side more abrasive – when stretched out you get LINES. Its only super smooth when not under tension. Purls handle stretch better IMnsHO…

Oh and the running felt GREAT! I admit to being more or less at the edge of what I can do the whole way, feeling like I’d just gotten my breathing back to normal when the watch said to run again, but never really out of breath. I’m really liking pushing gently on these short runs. 😛 Now, to seek out a real hill for Thurs!