(insert Simon and Garfunkel song here…)

Well my mom says I don’t talk about running enough in my blog.  For the runner folk reading, sorry about the knitter kitsch!  but it is my knitting store blog so like the sock photos are pretty obligatory.

So I got out running again yesterday despite still hurting a bit from the 8 mile run.  Hopefully the foot will clear up before too much longer.  It wasn’t the best of mornings for it – thick gray clouds hanging down over the sky, but not too cold and no threat of rain so I went out to try out the new shoes.  I think they are a success so far – I don’t seem to hurt MORE anyhow, and my feet seem to be hitting the pavement centered.  I’m starting to get a bit bored with the route, and I either need to start running to music or something for entertainment, or find a new run.  Another way I can tell I’m getting a bit bored…  the run FELT really tiring and I wondered if maybe I shoulda taken another day off…  till I got home. 4.4 miles in 50 mins.  And I wasn’t even trying that hard.  That’s about 11:15 per mile, way faster than my usual 53 mins/12 mins/mile!  I know I’m not really working on speed here, but heck, that WAS my single mile time back in the Jr high days of phys ed.  I went insane and signed up for the lottery for the Nike Women’s Marathon (tune in April 1 to see if I made the cut) and if my name is drawn, the goal will be to run my second marathon FASTER than the first, so its nice to see that at least for “shorter” distances like 4.4 miles (OMG I’m calling that a shorter distance?!?!?) I can already go faster.

Then, I was a very good girl.  I got my letters out!  Printed, signed, folded, stamped, mailed.  I really hate this asking for money thing.  The whole point of the marathon is, tis a fundraiser, right?  😛  Seriously, its scary, 2% of this area has AIDS.  It makes me wanna sing that song from Team America!  We say the words “Aids epidemic” and we picture starving round bellied children with big eyes on some international charity poster but its right here at home in a big way. Yet I find myself freezing up whenever I tell someone about that part.  Even here I go on mostly about how much fun I’m having running, because the training is so much easier to talk about.  But I’m really not doing this just for me.  Its this stuff that gets me through the end of the longer runs, when I hurt and I think a 10K is long enough already!  Anyhow, I hope my letters wing happily out into the world, are well received, and don’t end up in the trash with the other 100 million trees that get turned into junk mail every year.  I also need to get better at doing this in person, so if anyone out there has DONE this sort of thing before I’d really love some pointers!