I’m in the process of adding 2 new patterns to my site. Its great procrastination from everything else on my to-do list. I love life when you can procrastinate your to-do list by doing things on it SO much further down on the list (but still important) that they almost feel fun!

The first is a pattern with my new favorite yarn, Panda Silk by Crystal Palace. its a bamboo/wool blend with a touch of silk, and its wonderful soft and almost all the colorways are great – the kind of subtle, tonal variegated that you can actually knit patterns with. These are the first of 3 panda silk socks I’ve created: Sugar and Spice! The pattern is fully written and ready to order.

Soon to be added (NOTE: added 4/6/08) are some socks made with Jocelyn of Cavyshops wool/tencel blend yarn in a luscious colorway she calls Green with Envy Blues. I had started this stitch pattern in another yarn when it immediately reminded me of scuba diving thru COLD kelp forests, and the sunlight streaming through in beams. I suddenly KNEW what yarn the stitches needed! I’m calling these Mermaid Forest, capturing that soaring-thru-giant-trees-of-kelp feeling with a prettier word that “seaweed”

Hope you enjoy them!