Yesterday was a bit of a nervy day for me. Don’t know why… couldn’t sleep despite jet lag. i suspect I was just a tad worried about the 8 mile run, having been sick and away from running for a week and a half. And well… knee didn’t like Thursday’s run at all. So I woke up jet-lag early anyhow, and got to play with some new yarn I picked up for marathon socks. 🙂 A friend of mine, Jocelyn, is going to generously donate some custom-dyed AIDS marathon colors bamboo/merino yarn… but you know me, I can’t wait. 🙂 And another runner friend of mine swore after several tests she liked Tofutsies best as a running sock yarn so… 😛 hey I need 2 pairs of socks, that way I can hope ONE will be clean! So I cast on what ended up being wayyyyy too many stitches and made my first picot edge before running off to another day of training.

At the site, all was well. I met up with Melissa and another new member of the pace group whose name has completely slipped my mind. No one was adverse to the possibility that I might need to take it a bit slow, and the coach felt that with my 6.5 miles 2 weeks ago, I should be ready to go. So we set off. i was nominated leader for the week as I had my snazzy new watch all ready to go, and we set off. First 4 miles were a BREEZE. We chatted the whole way, some about running, some about life. Both my pace group friends have run marathons before, and our new member (Sarah?) will be running a 199 mile relay race with friends from work who think a 9 minute mile is unbearably slow. She was very much enjoying running at a steady 12 mins per mile lope for a change!

So we turned around at the 4 mile marker, and of course THAT’s when my knee starts complaining. 😛 4 miles away from the car! At this point I’m really enjoying the company and I am not feelign it that bad, so I decide to Press on, paying good attention to my feet and making sure I’m not twisting or anything. Nothing hurts more than an ache, its just my left leg is a LOT more tired than my right. My right is like “what, this is short, lets do 10 miles” and my left knee was so ready to quit at 5! We keep on, going a little slower, and I make it to the 1/4 mile left marker before I decide enough is enough, its starting to turn from ache to pain. no shame in a 1/4 mile cool-down, and the rest of the group didn’t mind walking the last stretch.

We get back to base, and coach is pleased that at least ONE of her pace groups didn’t exceed their speed limit. She asks a few questions about the knee, and reviews with me some of the stretches we went over earlier that morning (FOAM ROLLER LEG MASSAGE! YES!) and basically seems unconcerned. I’m more or less okay til we walk DOWN some stairs to the snacks. Yeah, left knee isn’t doing stairs. otherwise I’m fine. I snack on bananas, whole wheat pitas with hummus, and chatter a bit more before heading back up to the store (runner’s factory) and the car.

I spot a running jacket by a sign “40% off” and decide to go shopping. YAY, an inexpensive jacket! Still too cool in the mornings at the start of runs, and I want something I can take off without losing pace. I note that a few other AIDS marathoners are going over shoes and that’s when it hits me. it isn’t my KNEE that is hurting, really. My left foot HURTS. on the outside. hmmmmmm that’s odd, that’s not where its supposed to hurt…. So I sit down with one of the Factory guys, and we start going over shoes. he looks at the barely visible wear pattern on my soles and states it looks like we over-corrected my stride – I’m hitting on the outside of my foot. We go thru a few shoes, and then he happens to look DOWN as I’m changing out shoes and said OH! I have high arches. Well yes, I knew that, its why I pronate… Apparently many people pronate because they have flat feet and fallen arches. And my <sarcasm>lovely lime green and silver</sarcasm> are designed to correct just for this. Throw in arch support insoles and they FEEL great on my feet til I try to move in them for any length of time. So we go to a shoe that’s designed more structurally for high arches, and less for flat feet and motion control, pop in my inserts and the guy swears my gait is vastly improved. I can’t tell – it all just kinda hurts at that point (almost an hour after the run and the endorphins are seriously wearing thin)

And here’s the best part… THEY EXCHANGED my used shoes! I love the Runner’s Factory!I suspect tis a “we love you AIDS Marathoner’s” deal but I was really thankful to not have to drop another $100 on shoes. And they said brooks is really good about takign returns. no receipt, no box, I didn’t even have the original inserts with me. He just went and asked the boos, and I have new shoes and a $10 credit toward my jacket for the difference. 🙂 I really do have a new favorite store. They spend a lot of time making sure everything is right. Today is most definitely a DAY OFF so I can’t comment on the shoes.

So this morning in procrastination of writing my fundraising letters (no really I’ll make myself do it first, lol) I find myself casting on for the marathon socks. I’d been intending to save the bridge motif I was cooking up for Jocelyn’s yarn, but after the first attempt I kinda knew this yarn wouldn’t like any of the patterns I’d been browsing thru, and well.. 😛 I have no patience with knitting. So I started charting and swatching the bridge. Here is my rough draft so far:


It’s going to go thru a few changes in the final draft. I think I need the bridge towers taller, the space under the arch a bit shorter, and just plain knit instead of purl as the background under the bridge. But at least to my eyes, even in the loud yarn, its clearly discernible as a suspension bridge. That little patch will repeat 4 times around the sock, for a short cuff, then into a very plain sock foot. Knitting I’m reminded that I really do like the tofutsies. Its very soft, unlike a lot of the commercial reduced wool blends. Not QUITE as soft as the Panda Silk, but very nice. I think I need panda silk running socks too… 😛 the colors aren’t AIDS marathon themed but WOW that yarn feels nice… Anyhow it will be a struggle all day to get the letters written before casting on for the sock now that I know how I want to do it!