Ski week ended well. I got brave/impatient on the last day, didn’t wait for the slower folks and went out with Peter and the more advanced gang. We had a bit of “fun” when we learned that the ski lift we needed to get to the area we wanted to explore (one of the busiest lifts at the resort too, of course) was down for repairs and somehow let ourselves be convinced that taking a gondola down to a bus over to a gondola on the other side of the resort was a good idea. An hour later and minus Peter’s ski goggles, we were back on the slopes. I came in at 4 PM after several red slopes, DEAD TIRED and sniffling. Spent the next 2 days asleep in the van back to Geneva and asleep in my hotel room. Well, asleep and using up a whole box of hotel kleenex and most of a roll of toilet paper trying not to drown so I could get back to sleep… 😛 The internal weather cleared up a bit on the last day and I got to see a bit of Geneva. Of course by then it was cloudy and drizzly OUTSIDE, so we stuck to tours and such (UN buildings, and some lovely heated public transport lake boats…)

And the most complete, total random thing happened. Peter’s mom called… and found out we were in Geneva. AND FLEW DOWN FOR DINNER. Uh huh… It appears that her new “friend” owns an air taxi service. He had to get a plane to Geneva to cart some people to Moscow, so she just hitched a ride down, then trained over to meet her friend in Zürich. What a lifestyle, eh? Peter’s mom sure knows how to pick men with resources, I’ll give her that. We had a charming dinner together, over the worlds best seafood risotto. Peter proceeded to catch my cold (which I in turn caught from a chain of sick ski geeks) and had a miserable flight home, but other than that, travel was uneventful and we are safe and sound back home.

Absolutely insane numbers of pictures of snowy mountains, most taken by Peter while he waited for me to catch up, are available at our family website.

So now I’m back home, back on the program. Apparently the world exploded while I was gone. SCCPA board decided to go with the expensive web master, and the person delegated to make sure this happened delegated it to ME and waited ’til I came home… 😛 joy, delegation and committees, WHAT have I gotten myself into? but I only had 5 messages on my work line so i survived the morning. That and the fact that morning started in my jet lagged brain at 4 AM has gotten me mostly caught up. I DDR’ed yesterday ans was surprised by how quickly I got tired – that cold really took it out of me. Heck, Monday I couldn’t’ walk at a fast pace down a street without getting winded tho, so I guess 30 mins of the hardest DDR songs on my current mix is an improvement.

And today I went out for my usual run, with my shiny new interval watch. Despite warnings I found it easy to figure out (no thanks to the included directions!) and discovered much a I had expected that I was NOT doing a 4:1 ratio at home. Probably was indeed doing a 2 min/30 second thing, both the run and walk sections felt WAY TOO LONG. Especially when it wouldn’t let me stop running at the top of a HILL! bad mean nasty watch 😉 I am also still very much feelign the effects of having been sick (or taking a week off running for daily skiing for 5+ hours, you decide) – my knee started complaining about 3.5 miles in and I decided to walk home when it didn’t recover in an extended walk break. I fear it may be time to crack out the knee brace if I’m gonna make 8 miles Saturday! Hopefully it won’t take me too long to get back up to speed. Any and all advice from people more sports-savvy than myself on ramping back up after having been too sick to crawl outa bed is highly welcome!