Peter and I will be attending geek Ski Week in the French Alps, leaving tomorrow morning. Missing 2 whole Saturdays of training with the team 😦  Oddly enough, my entire pace group ALSO has to miss those 2 weeks so it won’t be holding anyone else back and we can catch back up as a group. And I’ll be getting in PLENTY of cross training. Even got me my own very own ski boots that actually FIT MY FEET. On sale since they’re 2-3 years old style, they cost about the same as a week’s ski boot rental so what the heck. I’ll bring back lots of snowy pictures to make up for the sunshine pics yesterday, okay? 😉

Today’s lesson was all about FOLLOWING THE PLAN. I’m not good at that. 🙂 So I ran yesterday KNOWING I was going to make up my long run today. First mistake. Peter wanted to come along, so I took him on the usual route in the photos, then was going to do a nice 2 laps plus about 1/4 around the park. Well… that 1/4 seemed pretty lame , and at just under 6 miles I still had that feeling of “I can keep going, sure” so I did. OOOOOPS…. The park is pretty hilly. Those last 3 uphills pretty much killed me. My knee started insisting that walking would be a lot better than running at the top of the last hill, and I still had trouble listening to it. (it’s feeling okay now – poppier than usual but no signs of actual injury). Let’s say that that extra .4 miles was the difference between coming home feeling “hey I could go out and finish a marathon right now” and coming home going “okay, I’m DONE for today.” :-p I really will try to be better at sticking to the plan. Seems well designed!  Happily I felt like myself again after a shower and brunch, so I didn’t overdo too badly!