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Peter and I will be attending geek Ski Week in the French Alps, leaving tomorrow morning. Missing 2 whole Saturdays of training with the team 😦  Oddly enough, my entire pace group ALSO has to miss those 2 weeks so it won’t be holding anyone else back and we can catch back up as a group. And I’ll be getting in PLENTY of cross training. Even got me my own very own ski boots that actually FIT MY FEET. On sale since they’re 2-3 years old style, they cost about the same as a week’s ski boot rental so what the heck. I’ll bring back lots of snowy pictures to make up for the sunshine pics yesterday, okay? 😉

Today’s lesson was all about FOLLOWING THE PLAN. I’m not good at that. 🙂 So I ran yesterday KNOWING I was going to make up my long run today. First mistake. Peter wanted to come along, so I took him on the usual route in the photos, then was going to do a nice 2 laps plus about 1/4 around the park. Well… that 1/4 seemed pretty lame , and at just under 6 miles I still had that feeling of “I can keep going, sure” so I did. OOOOOPS…. The park is pretty hilly. Those last 3 uphills pretty much killed me. My knee started insisting that walking would be a lot better than running at the top of the last hill, and I still had trouble listening to it. (it’s feeling okay now – poppier than usual but no signs of actual injury). Let’s say that that extra .4 miles was the difference between coming home feeling “hey I could go out and finish a marathon right now” and coming home going “okay, I’m DONE for today.” :-p I really will try to be better at sticking to the plan. Seems well designed!  Happily I felt like myself again after a shower and brunch, so I didn’t overdo too badly!


SF AIDS Marathon 2008

On August 3, myself and about 500 other runners will complete the San Francisco marathon in an effort to raise $1,000,000 for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. This is the culmination of nearly 2 years of lifestyle changes and weight loss for me, and a chance for me to use my new-found energy and fitness to give back to my community. I hope you will join me in this effort by reading and offering your support through my blog. If you are able, I also welcome your contribution to the cause! Thanks and keep on running!

Progress Bar:

Marathon time: 5:40:22
Total Raised: $2,815.70

My Sponsors

I'd like to thank the following organizations and individuals for their support of the SF AIDS Foundation!

Dianne Whitfield of the Bunny Hay Loft

Ulf Anvin
Rob Millner
Scott Lamb
Jeff Barlow
Erika Duplantis
Nick and Carol Esser
Kathryn Mercer
Nicole Pauls
Kathryn Coll
Timothy Berger
Susan Druding
Jenny Forman
Kathryn Mulgrew
Jamie Piperberg
Lucia Sanchez
Fran Taillon
Douglas Leeder
Barbara Kirsch
Ellen Atkinson
Valerie Esser
Peter McCourt
Carla Schroder
Sandra Spicher
Matthew Wilson
Valorie Zimmerman
Kathryn Kramer
Roxanne Seabright
Gayathri Swaminathan
Jason Spiro
Dianne Schoenberg

Thank you so very much for your support!

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