Since I’ll be on my long run tomorrow (6 miles to make up for being in France on Saturday) and I still wanted to get out in the sun today, I decided the perfect way to not push too hard the day before a mile increase was to take the camera along and have a leisurely run-and-shoot. Today, instead of walk breaks, I took photo breaks. šŸ˜› about 20 mins of photo breaks at least… šŸ˜‰ If you want all the gory, unedited details, I put up a photo site.

So my regular 4.35 mile run starts on a trip around Grosbeck Hillgrosbeckpark.jpg and then up the hill behind the park on Merrilmerrilave.jpg I cross the only major street in my way, Quimby, then get some lovely views of the Sikh temple and the cherry trees at the top of Merril: gurdwara.jpgcherryblooms.jpgcherrysunlight.jpg Not too much further down the road is a construction area with wonderful views of the whole valleyvalleyview.jpg And of course the hills off to the south merrilhills.jpg I then turn down Aborndownaborn.jpg with more lovely valley views, then up a residential path thru the new homes backuphill.jpg
Back up at the top, I get a few more glimpses of the temple through the trees templethrutrees.jpg before turning down another residential trail along a dry creekcheminduriviertrail.jpg From there I cut across another residential path residentialpath.jpg and make my way back through another mile of residential streets with loads of hill views neighborhoodhills.jpg before returning along the park back home.

Lovely run, no?