I’ve had an interesting few days. Yesterday I didn’t get in any cardio at all (first day off in a month, so I figure I’m due, right?). I had agreed to work on a Sunday, and I needed the sleep in the morning. It was the world’s prettiest day and I was stuck inside my office. Got home to a mildly sick Peter, so there went my plans of getting in a couple’s bike ride in the last of the sunlight. I did drag the boy off to Sports Chalet in prep for our upcoming ski trip, where I managed to acquire ski books that are more than 1 season out of fashion (ooooooh, scary) for about what I’d pay for rentals on our trip. And they fit me better than ones more than twice their price from this year’s lineup so I can hardly complain! But I was all down on myself for breaking the 29 day streak, and a little moody as my sister’s competitive streak got the best of her and she ran herself nauseous going more than twice as far as I can! đŸ˜› I like being an enabler, but I prefer to enable people to healthy levels of competition. I forgot those rarely exist in my family…

So this morning I woke up all groggy, too early, stressing over the fact that the DAY I send out my donation e-mails is the DAY their donation tracking system goes down… Yeah, if you sponsored me on Thurs 2/28/08… we may need to track that down (will update this when they’re open and I know what if any help they need fixing the snafu). I decide there is one way to cure this… I wasn’t planning on running til tomorrow as I was gonna be good and stick to the program: They only want us to do 2 days running lest we overdo and injure ourselves… but my body is quite happily used to cardio every day and I’m not really sure it feels all that much difference between running 4.5 miles and doing an hour of Dance Dance Revolution. And the sun was bright and the sky was blue and I know full well all the cherry trees are in bloom.Cherry Blossoms

So I got my butt out the door and running in the fresh new 7:30 AM sunshine. And it was a very good run! Somewhere around 1.5 miles the part of me that’s been leaning towards depression caught on and had the following thought: Hey THIS IS ME! I’m running! HEY I CAN RUN!!! ME! I felt like a toddler who just figured out how to get their legs to stay underneath them. And I found myself running more and walking less (I’d been overdoing the walking in the first half and calling it a “warm up”). Then I rounded the corner down Aborn, and back up hill through the residential neighborhood running path, and hit the top of the hill only to find I must not have had my eyes open the last time I did this route (I was so worried about figuring out where I was and how to get back to my route…) There up in front of me, glimpsed through the cherry trees was our neighborhood landmark, the Sikh Gurdwara temple.San Jose Sikh Gurdwara Temple

With of course, the early morning sun glinting off the golden dome. It was very cool. I hadn’t realized my route passed it twice! At that point my legs started to get really excited, and I didn’t want to stop to walk anymore. I was in a pace I felt I could just keep going and going and going. I ran the last 1.7 miles home without a single walk break and almost decided to just keep going down Klein for the hell of it. It was so exciting just to know I could keep running, and that not only did I not hate it but I was having a blast! Come marathon day I know I’ll have to pace myself but who says I have to do that in all of my workouts? Some days its nice to pretend you’re 3 with no cares and just take joy in the fact that you can put one foot in front of the other over and over and over again as long as you want!