pacegroup1200.jpgToday was my second formal run with the team, as I had to miss last weekend and made the 4 mile run up on my own. Based on how I’ve been doing on my own (12 mins per mile without trying really hard to push for speed, sticking to run/walk ration and still feeling able to run at the end) plus knowing the 12 min/mile group only had 1 member (Melissa) who I paced off of in the first run, I asked if I could move pace groups. In the end the group acquired a new member who had joined last week, Fanny, which brings us right up to the 3 people they prefer we have in a group. The coach agreed to the change, as I was close to the boundary in our first run, and I got to meet and hang out with the group, and we set off for our run, Fanny being timekeeper as she was the only one with a watch!

The run today was a bit longer than before (duh!), and they sent us on a different route – our first leg was a 1/2 mile there and back on a gravel/dirt trail (had to watch the ground more but OH my knees liked the softer ground!), then a 2-mile there and back on the Los Gatos creek trail. We chatted about things, learned Fanny is an artist with showings in some local studios and working 3/4 time in a studio that rents space. I may be visiting her to get back into print making, a favorite class of mine in undergrad and something I’ve been meaning to get back into. 3-1-08action.jpgAnd I got my proper karmic payback for pushing up a pace group… we didn’t stick to 12 mins per mile! Our first mile out was more like 11 mins per mile, and the overall average was 11:30. and boy could I feel it. I ended up being the back in a rather elongated triangle for much of the second half. But I did finish in good shape, still feeling energized, not dead, tho I could feel that I’d run further and faster than before. My old pace group (and pretty much everyone else!) also pushed faster than the goal pace, and was right at the 12/mile I usually manage. But I’m starting to gel with the group and feel that the pace works, and don’t mind pushing a *LITTLE* within reason. I may just volunteer to be pacekeeper in the future and be the one that holds us to the 12 min/mile. BTW if you’d like to see the rest of the team, I left the camera with the folks at our turnaround and they got shots of everyone.

After the run I had time to hang out, show a few peopel still around their photos, and pick up some long sleeves that won’t drip on me like today’s jacket and last week’s sweatshirt did. In beautiful “don’t hit me” white with reflective stripes! Its a tad too cold to start in sports bra in the mornings, and sometimes gets both cool and dark if I don’t get my runs at home in until evening. I almost ended up with a jacket in the same glorious white-and-lime-green as my shoes, but it wasn’t in my size, more’s the pity 😉