I am happy to announce that I have reached my first milestone on the path to August 3rd. I have finished my first “progressive marathon” – completed my first 26.2 miles (plus 2/10 of a mile for good measure) in just over 2 weeks! YAY ME!

😉 now all I gotta do is string ’em all together…

Today’s run was back to the park – I wanted to work on running uphill. And I have to go Peter’s direction next time, the counter-clockwise circle has the least steep hills. In the spirit of kicking off fundraising full steam, I took my little “sponsor me” cards along in my pocket and passed them out to people as I jogged by on the trail. I passed a lot of people several times (particularly those walkign aroudn the opposite direction) and they would smile and wave on the second or so pass so I think it was relatively well received. I’m thinking it would be nice to get a community running team together… anyone out there in ym neighborhood interested? 🙂